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SCHEDULE UPDATE: Due to Power Athlete Symposium we will be hosting Sunday, Classes will be cancelled Sunday Morning… Get out in the world
Studies show that couples who wod and dress up to wod together often leads to massive gains! Its awesome how Gino dresses up to keep his lady motivated. Now everyone grab their favorite Balboa friend and prepare to get your partner wod on because fun is on the horizon.

Workout of the Day
AMRAP 20 minutes
(With a partner complete as many rounds as possible, one partner works at a time)
* One partner must complete the couplet below before the other can start
7 Db Thruster
7 Burpee Pull Up
Every 6 rounds completed run 400m

3-4 Sets of
10 DB Incline Bench Press
10 BB bent Over Row

Db Curls

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That moment when you get off the Devil’s Trycycle, try to walk and recreate the opening scene of Bambi and then you turn around to see the ladies unphased. If it were easy, would it be as rewarding?

I know a lot of us dislike the Turkish Get Up, however the benefits of doing them are huge. Stay the course and battle through.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds NFT
15 Banded Good mornings (thick band)
20 Banded Pull Aparts
200m Run

AMRAP 10 minutes
:30 Handstand Hold
12 DB Snatch
30 Double unders

Then Complete for Quality
20 Turkish Get Ups

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wp-1480479372385.pngPretty Rad to see the CFB image traveling around the world. The Newlywed Wilmoth’s ventured up and down New Zealand getting their Lunge Back Heel Touch on in quite a few beyond gorgeous landscapes. Even on vacation it is important to mobilize and be active.

New Weekly Challenge: Wednesday to Wednesday
-Accumulate 10 minutes sitting in the bottom of your squat. This can be broken up into segments however anything less than 3 minutes @ a time is a no rep. Get on it and see how you feel after just one week.

Workout of the Day
10 minutes Build to a heavy Hang Power Clean

Every :90x 12 (6/6)
odd rounds: Row 20-18/15-12 Calories
*This is designed to get done in under 1:00, choose calories based on that
even rounds: 5 Cleans (70-75% of today’s HPC)

4 Rounds Not For Time
50yd Waiter Walk (KB at your side, one over head)
35 Sit Ups
25Back Extensions

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There it is…The big ole’ Donny throwing down a #20 Personal Best Back Squat after following his own 10 week Strength Cycle. ┬áBig Congrats. Anyone can get in shape but not everyone is willing to put in the dirty work to get stronger and move better. It is no always the sexiest but sure does make you look better and will go along way to help you live longer!

Workout of the Day
EMOM x 15
Minute 1:Press x 10 (#95/#65)
Minute 2: Hollow Rock x 20-15
Minute 3: Calories Assault Bike x 10/7

4 rounds for reps
Max Rep Push Ups
10 T2B
Prowler Push 2 way
* Score is total Push Ups, rest as needed between Prowler and starting push ups

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Yet another Thanksgiving Holiday in the books, making it now 8 years, now that is something to surely be thankful for. Truly is a blessing and an honor to see the Balboa community continue to grow and thrive.

If your weekend was anything like mine, five days of continual turkey and treat consumption, I would say its time to get ourselves back on track.

Workout of the Day

4 rounds
20 Russian Swings
12 Goblet Lunges
8 Strict Pull Ups

Every 2:00 for 20:00
Odd rounds: Complete 10 Back Squats ( add weight each round, building to heavy 10, start first set at 70% of last weeks)
Even: 8 Burpee Box Overs