Every Sport has its pinnacle. Whether its the Super Bowl, National Championships, the World Series, the Masters, the World Cup or your local Beer League Championship all premier athletes strive to be the last one standing, holding the cup.

For CrossFit, their is a 1% that strive for the Games. It has become the spectacle that is representative of the entire CF community. Chiseled athletes and fans alike congregate in Carson, CA every year to witness 100 athletes or so push themselves physically and mentally to the brink. What makes this different than its established counter parts is that the 99% know, at least to some extent what the 1% is going through. The emotions of hitting a PR, getting no repped, failing time and time again. This is what makes CF unique on a competition platform. Most of us cannot relate to Aaron Rodgers, Christiano Ronaldo or their colleagues. But we can get behind the faces in this video. The suffering, the sacrifice, the “I feel like I might die, but I didnt” feeling that comes at the end of a workout…the feeling of self accomplishment when the little voices of doubt are subdued.

Sure these athletes are in phenomenal physical shape but get passed that and look at the faces, the smiles the support they share for one another’s triumphs. It really is an amazing thing. This is what CF is about. Finding your personal limits and deciding to push passed them

Workout of the Day
EMOM 6 minutes
10 Wall Balls
5 burpees

12 minutes to find a heavy 5rm Bench Press

5 rounds
6 Man Makers
Prowler Up and Back
Rest 1:30 between rounds)

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Anyone want to caption this! that 6am crew just always trying to lend a helping hand. Progress is in the process

OMG! Its Already September!

You know what that means…
-school is coming back or is already in full swing.
-many of you with munchkins can get back to a normal routine.
-a Back to Jacked Challenge is on its way
– you have either accomplished your two month summer goals or you havent
– time to re-evaluate your goals and ambitions (dont think too hard) the bulking season is upon us

I saw this today on the Instagram and thought it very fitting

From the upcoming female diet book by Dr. Jen Case, Dr. Melissa Davis and Mike Israetel

Sit down, relax, and do honest self-assessment. Think about how much you’d like to look in an ideal world and think about how much you enjoy your balanced lifestyle of food, friends and fun. Remind yourself that if you are going to diet, you’ll be giving up some of that food and fun, and in fact quite a bit of it for a short time. 

If you like your body more than you want to give up your balanced lifestyle, stop self-criticizing IMMEDIATELY and ENJOY YOUR LIFE because you only have one, and spending it in a state of purgatory is just no way to live. If you calmly give it some thought and you want to change your body more than you currently value the state of balance, it’s time to diet, and with no ifs and buts. Once you’re dieting, you’re focused and diligent and you do what it takes.”

I thought this was very fitting not just for self- assessment within the realm of physical fitness or aesthetics but for all walks of life. In a time where everyone is pulled different directions, busily hurrying from one place to the next, its important to pause, reflect and act. Be happy. Enjoy life.

Workout of the Day
400m run (buy in)
-2 rounds
5x rdl, bent over row, muscle clean, front squat, press, back squat, good morning (bar)
30 jumping jacks
15 hollow rocks
-400m (buy out)

EMOM 15 minutes
Deadlift + Power Clean (start at 70% of what you think you can clean then add weight every other minute)

Double unders **
Ring Rows

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Sunday’s class working on a little OH Stability finisher before taking on the last hours of the weekend.

Such an amazing weekend in the gym, super awesome to see that many people come both Sunday and Saturday, lets keep the momentum and crush the last day of August. September here we come.

Workout of the Day
Barbell Step Up 4×10 (5 each leg)
Strict Pull Up 4×5 (scale up or scale down however needed)

5 rounds
10 t-2-b
10 Front Rack Lunge (95/65)
10 Push Press

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Its Hot and yes it is humid!

Even at the 6am there is no reprieve from the elements. Tom proudly displaying his sweat soaked Native tee while enjoying his post workout shake.

All this sweating means you guys need to drink more water. More than a gallon a day people. Healthy, hydrated tissue will perform better

Workout of the Day
4 rounds 1:00 on 1:00 off
Tire Strike


AMRAP 20 minutes
Run 400m
10 Lunges (bar on back) #95/#65
15 pull ups
20 Hollow Rocks

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Being in the strength and conditioning world or the “fitness industry” as many like to call it, a question often arise– How young is too young to start lifting weights? The boy above is just 15 years of age and single handedly rewriting the history books of American weightlifting and setting the standard for what is to come..Its impressive yet much less glamourous than had CJ played basketball or football. Is it any more or less dangerous than those sports, both of which have recently showed a huge increase in head and body injuries.

Somewhere along the way, specifically in America, a common understanding developed describing weightlifting as dangerous to adolescents. Apparently lifting weights, developing strength, kinesthetic awareness and stability was seen as a hinderance to children’s development physically. (Disclaimer, regardless of my years of not answering questions about cardiac issues, I am no physician and thus take my opinion with a grain of salt.) Lifting weights, developing strength, working on full healthy ranges of motions for joints and developing a better self esteem is not dangerous at any age.

Hold on while I go off the deep end….

One could argue that even infants are doing some sort of training. (I do not have children however I have been around plenty of children over the course of my CF experience.) Ive watched plenty of parents hold their children by the finger tips, demanding and coaxing their children to hold on with the safety net that they will be caught once grip fails. Crawling begins with a simple pull, as the child gets stronger both physically and neurologically they evolve to standing, walking, jumping and so forth. This although very primitive, is no different than any individual joining the gym having not exercised for years.

Specifically there have been more than a handful of individuals incapable of simply doing an air squat without support. Does this mean squatting is dangerous? Of course not. We squat everyday…think sitting on couch, toilet, chair, desk and then standing up. We forget the simple things. So think about that for a moment. Someone comes into the gym, incapable of squatting their own body weight. This means that if they were to fall onto the ground, what would happen if their was no visible support system to help get them off of their perch. This sounds not only dangerous but irresponsible.

So back to the video.. Is what CJ is doing more or less safe than playing a field sport–no. Does CJ look athletic and capable? Hell yeah. Does he look like someone who cannot handle the workload? No, he is at Junior Nationals!

CJ is just 15 years of age and the whole world ahead of him. whoever his coaches are deserve a huge hug for taking someone with physical attributes and developing them safely and appropriately. Bringing it all around regardless of age, history, lifting weights or playing sports the necessary foundation of proper mechanics, physical and mental stability must be developed.

On the other spectrum…Age is just a number. Do not get trapped in the stigma that once you hit a certain age you should stop

Workout of the Day
3 rounds (coach led) or not for time
20x Hip Bridge (bands around knees, shoulders on bench)*Add weight if youd like
:30 L-Sit
10 Banded Trunk Twists (each side)

(maybe SPikeBall shenagins)
5 minutes work on Turkish Get Up

5 rounds (rest :90 between rounds **goal is to work as hard and fast as possible then recover)

10 heavy russian KBS
Prowler one way
10 box jumps
:20 Airdyne or SkiErg MaxEffort

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Please help us in the fight against Neuroblastoma. Over the past 3 years we have managed as CrossFit Balboa to raise just over $1200. This year we are trying to set the bar at that.

Why Neuroblastoma and Wade’s Army? Let the original owner of CFB, John Welbourn’s post from 2012 explain..

You never know how things are going to effect you or what course they will take. Just under two years ago, my wife came home to tell me she was pregnant…with twins. Since these were our first children, we did not know what to expect; but with the feeling of the unexpected comes a great sense of the unknown.

Who will these children be?

Will I be a good father?

And what can I do to give them every opportunity, while allowing them to learn and grow?

How do you protect them from bad, but make them strong enough to stand on their own?

These are all questions every parent asks themselves, but you learn quickly you can only prepare and must deal with things as they present themselves….[Read on]

About Wade’s Wings

Wade’s Wings is the organizational vehicle that was created to raise money and awareness to help create treatment options for children with Neuroblastoma.  Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that is extraordinarily deadly.  After enduring the most intense chemotherapy regimen given to any human beings, these infants and toddlers – these children – end up relapsing more often than not.

Once this disease comes back there is no cure.

The treatment options currently available to these children – once they do relapse – is often much too toxic for their bodies to handle after what they had to endure during upfront (induction) therapy.  As a result they spend more time trying to simply recover from these therapies so they can receive even more treatment than they spend actually LIVING life.

Wade’s wings aim to achieve their mission through raising money and funding relevant research and clinical trials with doctors and scientists who have the same beliefs, supporting Neuroblastoma research and support programs.

Donate to our Balboa Page...any $30 purchase will get you a Wade’s Army Uniform shirt that you must claim. To be worn during our Wade’s Day Workout


Workout of the Day
3 rounds not for time
:30 Hand Stand Hold Nose to Wall
10 Banded Lateral Walks
1:00 Pillar

EMOM 12 minutes
1 HPC + Hang Clean + STOH
(build over 12 sets)

15- 10-5
Wall Balls
Push Ups (true)

-Run 400m-

Wall Balls
Push Ups (true)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Keeping the theme of the weekend alive. Alongside Roger, the tie-dyed team of Katrina, Meredith, Bobby and myself managed to take a podium spot through our consistent performance. In the words of Kiki Dee, “If it aint bright it aint right, team BalboaJacked takes third with style.”

Throughout the day there were very little hiccups but some teams were just faster. The few hiccups that did present themselves took shape in the form of a weighted jump rope. Yes, the dubious double under was not compounded by a NEW approach. The heavy rope, threw a wrench however all three of us who typically struggle to perform dubles manage to chip away and complete the given task.

But it wasnt until the final event, where we had 6 minutes for all members of our team to complete and find a 1rm Split Jerk. Having known the workouts for a couple weeks we knew what to prepare and numbers we wanted to hit, however like Roger, the sense of competing alongside our friends and strangers something came over pretty much everyone. Both Mere and Katrina, inspired by the Balboa community in front of them hit #10 over what they had planned, both setting personal bests at #155. Not to be outdone, but not without missing it a couple times in warm-ups, Bobby attempted #295 and was successful in his second attempt. A #30 pound unexpected boost to his score. Lastly, I even managed to PR, hitting a #345 Jerk. The combination of everyone stepping up and out of the comfort zone, helped the team take first place in that particular event , winning by #20, vaulting the team from 5th place to 3rd

Watching everyone PR, including Roger just goes to show that getting a little uncomfortable, putting yourself out there, and realizing that the only limit we have is placed their by ourselves; amazing things can happen. If you have not competed for fear of not being good enough, leave your concern behind and get out there.

Workout of the Day
4 rounds (1:00 rest between)
250m Row (ME)
10 burpees
10 Ring rows


4 rounds not for time
10-12 Db Bench Press (Neutral Grip)
10-12 Db Bent Over Row

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.