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Every once in a while you just got to let it out from head to toe. With gravity pushing down on us all the time, we need to literally find the full extension and flexion of our spine. It doesnt hurt if it turns into a pretty cool dance.

Workout of the Day

uh Oh!!

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**Wednesday’s Workout will be posted at the bottom of today’s SugarWOD. If you would like to commit it. Apologies for the lack of post yesterday.

Another approach to some of the work we have been doing. We will be continuing to work on the skill transfer exercises of muscle ups over the coming weeks, however, we will be shifting to address more of the limitations associated. Ring Dips, Ring Vertical Pulls and all sorts of stability so stay tuned and stay the course.

Muscle ups are in order this Winter

Workout of the Day
Every 2:00 x 5
3 Power Cleans (75-85% of 1rm PC)
-Same weight for all 5 sets. These should be challenging but successful

5 Rounds for Time and Load
300m Row
20 hollow rocks
4 turkish Get Up (2/2) *try to add weight each round

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Pretty sure some of you are ready to get a muscle up. If not, we will obviously look good trying. Just a little Risky Business to get your humpday going.

Workout of the Day

Muscle Up Skill Progression –
If you are feeling good, go for a few attempts. Strict if possible.

AMRAP 12 minutes
15 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders
10 Ring Rows

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Abe concentrating on improving his lunge. Just think less than a year ago, he really struggled with maintaining a vertical torso and getting his knee to the floor. Still room for improvement but he is really making 52 look good.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds not for time
15-2o Banded Good Mornings
:30 Hand Stand hold
50yd SA Front Rack KB Carry

Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift 5rm
In 5 sets or fewer

Complete the following: Choose  either A, B, or C based on your strength ability
For Time
A. 125/150 push ups
B. 100 Push ups
C. 75 Push ups
– 1 way prowler push every time you break on push ups
**Break constitutes resting at the bottom

EXTRA Trunk Work: Done on your own time
30- 5o Evil Wheels

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We are closing in on the end of our most recent cycle. Stay the course and squat like your life depends on it.

Have you download SugarWod? If not, please jump on it. We will soon be converting all of our daily workouts to said Application. The data also provided will allow our team to better monitor both our programming as well as your progress.

Workout of the Day
Every 1:30-2:00
Front Squat 5×3 (add a couple to last week)

5 rounds 3 minutes of work /1 rest

5 DB/KB Snatches each arm (50/30)
10 Toes 2 Bar
5 Broad Jumps/ Vertical Touches
**using the rubber mats (men should jump 6 feet minimum, women as far as possible)
*count number of rounds in 3 minutes and start where you left off at beginning of next round