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Workout of the Day
Ring Muscle Up skill Work spend 10 minutes working through
-Transition, Stability at Bottom of dip and top

(EMOM x 10)Build to a heavyish Push Jerk
Minutes 1-3- 3 reps
minutes 4-7- 2 reps
minutes 8-10 – 1 rep
AMRAP 10 minutes
6 Push Jerks
9 Box Jumps
15 Hollow Rocks

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Some important thoughts from one of CrossFit’s OGs, the little engine that could Chris Spealler.

Workout of the Day
2-3 Strict Pull Ups + :10 Hold @ top of pull up
3 Turkish Get Up Complex (5/5)
[- Sit Up – Press- Stand- Press- down] Lateral Banded Walks 50yd

5x 1:00 work 1:00 rest (80% pace during work)
Calorie Row (goal is 20/15)
Burpee (goal is 15-12)
Goblet Squat (20)

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Are you being productive with your recovery or are you just stretching rubber bands?

We do our best everyday to fill the hour long class time with as much productive movement as we can, however by limiting our time to just one hour we tend to miss out on one large and important process…recovery.

If you were to look at one’s mobility or flexibility upon the start of the hour you can assume that by the end of the given time, flexibility should improve and more often than not does. This happens because of the attention given during our warm ups, which then prepares us for our daily workouts of compound movements that take place through various ranges of motion. So one could say the entire hour is simply stretching but with a little bit more excitement. With all the said and all that gained why then do we find ourselves just an hour post workout feeling that range of motion or flexibility leave us? Well take a rubber band for instance, if you pull on it, it will stretch, then once force is removed will return back to its homeostasis. But if you were to hold that same band for extended periods of time, the tissue or make-up of the band begins to soften and lose its tension. Now apply this to your muscles and tissue. Take some time post workout and be proactive in getting better. Your body will thank you

Now let us read someone else’s take. I borrowed this from a PT Clinics website.

“No one ever got flexible stretching for :30 at a time”
“Force is the language of cells”

Holds For Less then 2 Minutes

When it comes to holding stretches for any amount of time, we must understand the effects of the stimulus we are providing.  A study by Currier and Nelson in 1992 has shown that both much longer amounts of time and significantly more force are required for permanent deformation of dense connective tissues.  What this means is that for any cell in the body to even care about a stimulus that is being placed on it, the imposed stimulus  needs to be greater then two minutes.  If you didn’t want to hold stretches for that long, a study by Robert Shleip in 2008 supported the notion that it takes roughly 2,000lbs of force to deform dense connective tissue 1%.  Good luck producing a literal ton of force onto someones hips.  …
Holds For 2 Minutes +

Studies done at the cellular level, particularly on tensegrity and mechanotransduction, suggests that if we want to make actual physiological changes to tissue we need to be applying forces to our tissues for around two minutes or more… Read on


Workout of the Day
For Time: Score as one workout

SDHP (#95/#65)
Wall Ball
Rest 3:00

3 rounds
15 unbroken Thrusters (#95/#65)
Bar Over Burpees
Rest 3:00

Complete 50 Pull Ups
100 Hollow Rocks (partition as needed)



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Last year overhead lunges showed their ugly head leaving in their wake a whole lot of people whom struggled with their overhead position. This year Shelly shows she is ready for whatever comes here way… well…within reason.

Over the next couple weeks you might see exercises that make you feel uncomfortable; dont worry, embrace the process.

Workout of the Day
5 rounds (20 minutes)
10 Barbell Bench Press (Build over the course of 5 sets, first set counts)
16 Db/Kb Bent Over Row (8/8)
1:00 side pillar (:30/:30)

AMRAP 12 minutes
15 lite Russian Swings
50yd S.A KB Farmer or SA Fr Carry (25yd L/25yd R)*
10 Box Jumps overs (20″-24″)
25 yd Prowler Push

*Focus on moving as if you had no heavy KB in your hand

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If you didnt know we are having a January challenge of “How Fast can you Assault Bike to 100 Calories” so far the fastest male time is sitting around 6:00 with people definitely learning how to better game. Id suspect that someone will get it much faster and it wouldnt necessarily surprise me if that time was cut in half by the end of the month.

Now with that being said, Russell in his quest to win this month’s challenge and locate a little motivation found this little gem from a fellow “Devil’s TriCycle Enthusiast” whom managed to rep out 86 calories in just 60 seconds. Yes You read that correctly. If you are the watch the video, you will see a man that I would guess is somewhere around 6’2+ and weighing about #240+ to be on the safe side. It is clear he is a powerful individual, you can see this if you wait until the end to see that his max RPM was at 133 and his average in the high 90 RPM range. Frankly that is insane and awesome all at the same time. Can he maintain that pace? No of course not but he sure did find a top gear that we all could learn how to accomplish.

So, have you done the challenge? See what you are made of, do some intervals, maybe even see what :60 of Max Effort looks like.

Workout of the Day

Skills: 4 rounds not for time
10 SL squat to Bench/ Pistol if possible
4 Turkish Get ups (build each set)
20 Banded Pull Aparts

Every 5:00 x4
Even rounds:
500m Row + 20/15 Burpee
Odd Rounds
400m Run + 20 Db snatch