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Everything is better with company. Sure the workouts are hard but it’s really about the person next to you and the person inside of you that makes this whole thing worth it. 

Keep pushing it.

Reminder Fitness Wave comes today beginning at 4. Should be dunking people every ten minutes until we are done. 

Workout of the Day

800m run buy in:

15 back squats (155 lb./125)

20 burpees over bar

8  handstand push-ups

18 front squats (135 lb/105)

20 burpees over bar

6  handstand push-ups

21 overhead squats (115 lb/75)**

20 burpees over bar

4  handstand push-ups

800m run buy out

(Ohs sCale weights as needed)

(HsPu scale- on box double the number 

Extra credit: 

3-4 × 10-15 evil wheels

          10 dB curls

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Who is up for a little BBQ? 

Next weekend we will be hosting the CrossFit Football Specialty Seminar and thusly we will be closed for the weekend. Yes, no classes. As sad as that is, we decided we cannot go a weekend without seeing your beautiful faces. We are planning a BBQ just down the road at Gegi’s house.(address will be posted in the gym)

We will have horse shoes, some spike ball, bocce, and maybe even a little competitive flip cup; The world is our oyster after all. Hope everyone can clear your schedule and hang. KIDS will be welcomed.

Next Saturday, August 6th- 11-3pm. We only put an end so people don’t show up too late. 

More details to come. If you can make it please sign up on the white board in the gym.

●■ reminder Fitness Wave will be at the gym Friday night beginning at 4pm. Be there or be square. The reckoning is coming. 

Workout of the Day

A:Every 2:00 x 10 rounds 

Odd rounds: 10 barbell step ups (5/5)

Even rounds: 15 t2b

B: 5 rounds 


10 dB snatch(each side)


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Pretty much all good things in life can be associated with hip extension. Now add a little hip and spinal control and now we are talking about some real good times.

If you are moving and you dont know what your hips are doing…in the opposite words of Shakira, “Your hips do lie.” Stable and able

Workout of the Day
Mash Glutes or Psoas

Complete with a Partner 3 rounds
Partner A: Rows 2:00 (25 strokes per minute)
Partner B: Iso Hold: One kettlbell overhead one at side (1 minute each side)
Partner A+B: 3-4 MR ButterFly

3 rounds- :75 @ each station
Max Double Unders
:45 Rest
Hollow Rocks
:45 Rest
Renegade Row
:45 Rest

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It’s hot outside. Stop drop and roll.

There has been a lot of chalk being thrown around of late so what better way to clean it up then with your sweaty shirts.

Workout of the Day
Deadlift 5rm.
(in 6 sets or fewer find)

Minute 1: 12 burpees
Minute 2: 10-15 db push press
Minute 3: 200m run”
**Focus on breathing, if the numbers are too great find a number you can maintain

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Are you ready to get dunked?!

Reminder Friday from 4-7, Fitness Wave will be back at the gym to complete your second dunk. Hope everyone’s expectations match the reality they have been living.

Workout of the Day
5x 10 Barbell Reverse Lunges (5/5) *build over the course of the 5
6 Turkish Sit Ups (3/3)

AMRAP 12 minutes
15 KBS
10 Goblet Squats (KB weight)
5 CTB Pull Ups
prowler one way