Workout of the Day
3 rounds not for time
5-10 Strict Chin Ups
15 wall balls
12 lateral banded walks(each side)

Back Squat
3×8 (+2-4kg) to last week)

4 rounds
10 DB Hang Cleans
max rep true Push Ups
Prowler (two way) Lite
Rest as needed between rounds
*Score is total push ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Workout of the Day
Db Floor Press x10
Renegade Row x10 (Light and smooth)
1:00 Double Unders or Singles
Rest :90
*Record weight used for Db Floor Press and Max D.u.s

in 2 minutes perform max Calories on rower
-rest 2:00
in 2 minutes perform max wall balls
-rest 2:00
in 2 minutes perform max burpees to 6″ target above head
rest 2:00

Clean (135+/85+)
CTB Pull Up or Muscle Up

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Well July came and is about to just fly by. AHHHHHH.. Summer is but half over!! Better make the most of it



Coach Melissa seems unimpressed with her owners effort, but not so much that she cant look over her shoulder to make sure he is safe and sound.

Workout of the Day
EMOM 12 minutes
minute 1- :20-30 Head Stand
minute 2- 3-4 Candlestick to Ninja Roll Up to Vertical Jump
minute 3- :20 Hanging L-Sit
Minute 4 – Barbell Complex 5 RDL+5 Bent Over Row+ 5 Muscle Clean+ 5 Front Squat+ 5 Press
5 rounds
10 Push Press (95/65)
10 Reverse Lunge (same weight as pp)
1 way prowler
Rest 1:00

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Reminder of the schedule changes tonight and “Bulletproof Yourself” Seminar tonight at 6pm.

4:30pm class will move JUST FOR THE DAY to 4:00pm

5:30pm class will also move to 5:00pm

Seminar starts 6:00pm and will run til about 8:00.

**GOALS, apparently someone has them (Happy) but do you. Specific goals in the gym that are timely. One of my goals is to have all of you have goals so please dont let me fall short.

Workout of the Day
3x NFT
30-40 Double Unders
12 Lateral Banded Walks
10 T-2-b (Strict if possible)

Heavy 5rm DB Bench Press
(Over 6 sets or fewer build to heavy 5)

AMRAP 12 minutes
10 KBS (Russian)
5 Strict Pull Ups or 10 Kipping
10 Box Jump Overs
200m run

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.




Important reminder of a highly valuable event going on at Balboa. We believe that this will be an amazing, productive and useful use of your time that we will be modifying tomorrow’s schedule

Wednesday Evening Class Schedule Changes are as follows.
430 will move to 4:00pm
5:30 will move to 5:00pm
Both 630 and 730pm will be CANCELLED in order to accommodate

Ladies and Gentleman  Wednesday, YES TOMORROW CrossFit Balboa will play host to one of the Australia’s top Physical Therapists, Antony Lo – The Physio Detective.

Who is this international man of mystery you might ask and how can he help me?

Antony is an Australian Physical Therapist who has worked with tons of CrossFit Games Athletes – Talyana Fortunato, Khan Porter, Brandon Swan, Kara Webb, Pip Malone, Rob Forte, Denae Brown, Chad Mackay, Lacee Kovacs, Chris Hogan and numerous teams and Regionals competitiors to name but a few. He is the “un” of the Physical Therapy world – unconventional, unusual, unique, understanding.

What can he do for me?

He is able to help you work out what is going wrong in your body that is preventing you from being ready to go at a moment’s notice. He can help you get new PR’s, sometimes immediately. He can cut down your warm up and “mobility” time. He can show you how you to maximize your strength and conditioning training.

You have tried everything that everyone has told you to do…how about you try Antony’s approach -movement is the medicine. It is not uncommon to have people PR literally within 24hrs of completing a seminar with Antony. Dont you want to ring that Bell amongst all your friends!

Why should I/ You attend?

Ant is a great friend and colleague who has in many ways been pivotal at helping myself examine movement with the hopes of making other’s better. Specifically, he is here at Balboa to help all of us mechanically set ourselves up for success. If you have been dealing with any ailments or just want to be a better Human being, this 2 hour seminar will help you deal with both by giving you tools to correct yourself and fix yourself!

When?! — Next Wednesday(July 29th) – 6pm-8pm(ish)
Cost– – $20
Who— bring anyone interested
How do I sign up? — on the white board in the middle of the gym



Workout of the Day
MR Pull Up 1+1 x4

Back Squat 3×8 (+2-4 kg to last week’s 3×10)

1000m row (buy in)
4 rounds
7 Hang power Snatch (#95/65)
10 bar over burpees
15 Hollow rock

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.




A huge congratulations to Chels and her teammates  victory last night against the Las Vegas Sin! Probably because they were spurred on by so many familiar faces.

What a huge group of Balboans and our brethren from Power Athlete! We have some pretty good looking people right there. Always amazing to have you all get together

Workout of the Day
Spend 5-7 minutes working on shoulder mobility, incorporate JOBS exercises in here
20 Burpee buy in before 4 rounds
4 rounds
5 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
10 OHS
200m run
-20 burpee buy out at end of 4 rounds

Rest 5:00

Bench Press
Pull Ups

Rx- Body weight Bench Press/ 70%BW women

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.