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Its FridaY!!!
Just some friendly reminder that this weekend is a Holiday and such we have a modified schedule Sunday and Monday.

There will be NO class on Sunday.

We will have ONE class on Monday morning at 9:00, where we will be performing Murph in honor of all those who have lost their lives preserving the Freedom we all enjoy.

Workout of the Day

Friendly Friday
In groups of 3 Complete the following

Wall Ball
Deadlift (#135/#95)
75/50 Calorie Bike
100 Burpees
75/50 Calorie Bike
(one partner works at a time)

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Well this was entertaining. This time of year the internet becomes filled with actors, celebrities, politicians, and so on and so on making their honorary Commencement speeches at colleges across the nation. One of which, seems to have thrust itself in the forefront of the internet MEMEs and Instagram :60 window. For which the 25 minutes or so are more or less entertainment filled with blurbs of wisdom.

One thread that continued throughout the monologue was the subject of “Fear” and the subsequent “What If?” that evidently follows.

He speaks of his post graduate dreams. Finishing college with the hope of working at ESPN immediately but if it were not for an underlying drive to perform comedy, a dream that eventually led to him giving this year’s Commencement Speech. Somewhere around 16:00 he begins to discuss the elephant in every Graduation Procession, Fear of ¬†what is to come next, of failure, of success, of doing the right thing, the wrong thing. It is this idea that can either drive one to be successful or can lead people down a path of constant “I can’ts” and “what ifs”. He continues to return to this relationship and how his “What if” was one of What if he never tried to be the comedian he now is. Where in life would he have been.

For many of us this drive is already clear in your professional and personal lives. But do we apply this same model to our own health and our own ability to be the best physical versions of ourselves. Do you think; “I am too old”, “I am not flexible enough”, mobile enough, strong enough, fill in whatever the¬†limitation. These are in fact just Fear rearing its’ head again.

Now without using every cliche in the book. You are not too old. Your mobility or lack there of is not a death sentence. That extra 10 pounds that you cannot just seem to get rid of is just motivation. The lack of strength to do a pull up is just an obstacle to overcome. If you want it, you can reach it and we as a coaching staff and community would love to be a part of that process.

With this in mind, we charge you to think about “What is your Why?!”
What are you training for and what do you want to accomplish in the remaining six and half months of the year. You can be a lot of places this time next year.

Workout of the Day

Every :90x 12
Odd : 250m/200m Row (Focus on smooth pulls, we are priming for JACKIE)
Even: 10 Bench Press (Build over course

1000m row
50 Thrusters (Bar)
30 Pull Ups

This is not a drill, let the wheels fall off

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We still have a couple fish oils left if you are looking to help aid your battle against the Big I- Inflammation.

Workout of the Day
3 x NFT-Gymnasty
:30 Handstand Hold
5 PVC Kick Throughs
20 Seated Leg Lifts
:30/:30 Side Pillar
200m Run

7 rounds
6 Tall Box Jumps (Emphasis on a powerful jump, not quick rebound)
15 Russian Swings (Walking)
Rest :30

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We have finalized our Monday schedule. In honor of Memorial Day we will be doing our annual “Murph” in one class that will take place at 9am. All other classes will be cancelled so come workout, share some sweat and honor those who have fallen through your own effort.

As pictured above there will be options to how “Murph” can and will be completed. Hope to see you there.

Workout of the Day – 5/23/17
EMOM x 16
-12 Front Rack KB Lunge
-12 Push ups (deficit/hand release)
-12 Db Step Ups Lateral If possible
-30-50 double unders

4x For time
15/10 Calories assault bike
15 Slam Balls
25 Hollow Rocks

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First BeachWod of the year is in the books and boy what a perfect day it turned out to be. The sun was shining, the sand was warm but not scolding and the company was great. Looking forward to the next one already.

Workout of the Day
For Time:
3 x 15 Suitcase KB Deadlift (heavy)
10 Burpees
250m Row
3x 10/10 Single Arm Db Cluster (#40-#50/#25-#30)
10 Chin Ups
400m Run