During the course of the week I have been asked about what one should snack on throughout the day. The answer is simple, smaller versions of your meals. If you are prepared and are bringing food with you to and from work you should have food to snack on. Believe it or not there are days where us coaches cannot honestly get away from the gym, or at least do not make it a priority to do so, however on these days we are more often than not prepared with tupperware full of appropriate foods. In these cases I simply split my tupperware up throughout the day. Rather than gorging on all of what is brought, you simply break it up into two smaller meals or one small one and a large one.

More often than not most of the conversations that have been had recently on this topic tend to be over complicated. If you know what types of foods you are supposed to eat, just eat them. Do not get caught up on the idea of “thats a breakfast food” or “its only 9am” Eat a Steak, eat some avocado and have some veggies, regardless of the hour. Keep it simple and you will find it much easier to remain consistent.

-Dont ever just have a carbohydrate by itself.
-Dont go longer than 5 hours without eating
-Remember your body is an engine and needs to be fed regardless if you are trying to lose weight
-If you think you are hungry, drink more water.

Pictured above is a sample snack, 1/2 a small Hass avocado and a couple ounces of Rib eye from the night before. Simple, doesnt require a lot to keep around. Dont be afraid of feeling like that weird guy or girl, everyone judging you, will judge you regardless.

No one became awesome by following the crowd.

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
Build to a heavy 3rm in 5 or fewer sets.
**This does not include the bar set or the first set

Thruster (#115-#95/ #75-#65)
Bar Facing Burpee
CTB Pull Up/ Pull Up
Rest 4:00

Lateral Burpee over Bar
Pull Up

Extra Credit:
Tricep Pull-downs

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Workout of the Day
3 rounds not for time
4 TGU (Each side)
20 Banded Pull aparts
30 Double Unders or work on double unders for 1:00


EMOM 10 minutes
2 Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch


Complete with a Partner (one person rests while other works)

10 rounds (5 each)
16 unbroken KBS (russian)
one way prowler

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



How prepared are you to eat better and perform better?

Over the last year I have added quite a few books to my collection, in particular cook books. With so many people advocating that eating a more “Paleo-ish” diet as boring or tasteless, one could argue this as simple laziness. Eating whole foods with all the assistance of spices and seasonings food has never tasted so good and nourished the body so well.

Having a couple staple recipes for the week is important to not only achieving your goals, but also to maintain them. All of these books have delightful recipes that are not only tasty but inhibit inflammation, are grain free, gluten free and soy free.

Dont know how to cook? Learn its simple you just have to try a bit.

Dont want to cook? Who doesnt like to provide food for others. Since the beginning of time man has wanted to cook for his neighbors. Imagine if you were the first human to have fire and then you were like hey this hunk of meet would probably be good on this hot fire thing. You think that human didnt want to share that. Cmon. Cooking is awesome.

Dont have time? Make it!

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds Not For Time
10 DB Step Ups (5 each leg)
4 Ninja Roll Ups to Vertical Jump
10 Ball Slams
2 Reverse Wall Walk

5 rounds
10 DB Push Press
10 T-2-B
1:00 Pillar

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



A Good looking group of people right there, post Murph. Thank you again to everyone who took some time out of their days to suffer alongside your fellow Balboans. There were a couple awesome highlights; Everyone clapping Mr.Jensen in as he finished up that last mile run with the #20 vest after completing all the reps unpartitioned. Maia and Mark working out next to their respective daughters. Congrats to those two.


May June Bring You ABS Challenge- (Today- July 3rd)

Last week should have been a buffer for the majority of you to begin tracking and logging your food. This could have been as simple as writing down the “what” you were eating, when you were eating but not tracking how much. Now that Amazon Prime has dropped off your digital scales the time will now come to pay attention to the quantities you are consuming. When we are speaking of measuring, we are primarily speaking of weighing your protein.

So What is this challenge?

This is a personal challenge to understand how much food one is consuming in calorically. This is not a “Paleo” challenge however many of the foods recommended will help promote both weight loss and aesthetic improvements.

Workout of the Day

3 rounds not for time
10 Lateral Banded Walks
:30 Isometric V- Up hold
10 Single Leg RDLs (5 each side)
5 Barbell Muscle Cleans + 5 press

EMOM 10 minutes
Complete 2 Power Cleans (75%)
* Focus on Speed
5 rounds
200m row
10 Dead Lift (Use weight from PC)
20 Hollow Rocks
rest :60

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.




Kevin rocking the new Strength Supply shirt during last nights. Guaranteed to make your traps pop and your rhomboids flex all day. We run shirts in short order so get yours while they are hot.

For the men and a couple ladies: The boardies will be heading to print today so stay tuned next week.


SFH Protein Back In Stock!

There is also FIsh Oil, some of the best, highest grade EPA,DHA content you can get. Help aid in your recovery, reduce inflammation and perform better than ever.

Why take Fish Oil and What Is it? 

Remember: Monday’s Updated Schedule there is only one 9am class. Where everyone will be performing Murph or a variation of Murph

Workout of the Day

Front Squat 3
In 5 sets work up to a heavy-ish FS
*This does not need to be a max effort


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Push press (115 lbs)
10 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5 pood
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



Katrina flying high on her way to stringing together CTB pull ups during last weeks NLI competition.


Eat list–
Protein: Meat, fish, fowl, game, eggs, (If it runs, flies or swims eat)
Carbs- cruciferous veggies, leafy greens, any veggie, Roots, tubers and bulbs
Fats: Avocado, olives, olive oil, coconut (flesh, oil), animal fats (tallow,butter)
Spices: as much as you would like anything goes

Fruit, nuts, seeds, *Rice, *oats

Cereal Grains (Wheat, rye, barley, corn…)
Psuedo Grains (quinoa, spelt, buckwheat)
**Alcohol (Yes, no matter what way you cut it, the booze will not in fact help you look your best and or will suppress hormones that aid in recovery, thus not allowing you to train your best…I realize for many people this might be a breaker. That is your choice just try to include those calories and carbs towards your end game. Do what you are going to do but understand that consuming shoe- loads of booze might slow progress)


Without getting too “Sciency” about the why you should generally eat this way just go with it.

Although this looks like the “Paleo” diet and in many ways it is, eating the foods that fall under the eat list as the primary source of your calories will in fact lead to a loss, will most likely reduce inflammation.

Avoiding those on the “Avoid” list will help you, assuming you have not eliminated already, lean out pretty darn quickly. I realize many of you consume Fermented Dairy which is generally awesome however if your goal is “leaning” or as Miss Do puts it “toning”, eliminating such foods will be quite helpful


Workout of the Day
EMOM 10 minutes
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch + OHS

5 rounds
20 Hollow Rocks
12 Renegade Rows ( 6 each side)
6 Hang Power Snatch (95-65)”

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



How about a little trip into memory lane for our boy Happy. It is amazing how just a few changes to one’s lifestyle can lead to dramatic changes both physically and mentally. For those of you who have had the opportunity to meet the man called, Happy, you know already that he is fact, that, happy and a positive influence to be around. Combine a general awesome disposition and a new found body, the man has become a larger version of himself.

why the trip to memory lane? Well for one its awesome to reflect, but more relevant, as we move closer to our “May-June Bring You Abs” Competition we all might need a little kickstart. We all think we are special, unique snowflakes often incapable of making changes to both our lifestyles and what we allow ourselves to eat in the fear that those changes will either be too hard, too time consuming or wont result in positive results.

Step one to our challenge is to log what you are eating. I will be asking that you download the app “MyFItnessPal” as well as buying a food scale. The Food Scale can be bought on Amazon for pretty cheap, I suggest a digital scale. As you wait for your food scale to come in the mail I challenge EVERYONE to begin writing down what they are eating and what time they are eating. Do not worry necessarily about how much for the time being but getting in the habit of tracking food consumption.

Example: Ill use today (not ideal but at least honest)
6am- 1 cup Coffee with 1 tbsp MCT oil, 1tbsp Kerrygold Butter
7-8- 2 cups coffee
11:30 – 3 eggs, 3 ounce ground beef (GF) cooked in coconut oil, 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter
12:30p- Handful Trader Joes GF Granola
2:00p- SFH Protein shake (1.5 scoops), 1 heaping tbspn of peanut butter, 1/2 cup coffee, water
5:45p,- 1 Maca Square
9:00pm- 1 large chicken breast, cauliflower mash
10:30 – SFH Protein Shake with Great Lakes Collagen powder

I have been using both the food scale and MyFitnessPal of late and it is pretty astonishing about the volume of calories I have been eating. I thought I was eating a lot more than I was but after tracking for a couple weeks I have realized that I am not eating enough to maintain my activity level and thus performance might drop off.

Tracking is going to be essential to making progress over the next 4 weeks. If you have no idea how much or little you are eating it is virtually impossible for us coaches to make changes to your current state. It would be like never looking at your bank account and just continually taking money out and putting money in. You might have a surplus, you might have deficit.

So Game on…in conclusion
Today- START TRACKING YOUR FOOD. you all have smart phones with a notepad on it, just write it down as you eat.
-Download my fitness Pal
– Buy a digital food scale online ($10-$20) this IS important

Workout of the Day
6x 250m Row (rest while partner goes)
*Score each set individually, mark slowest time on whiteboard
**This is a sprint

Bench Press 10rm, 1xmax reps @90%
*in 5 sets or fewer find a heavy 10

EMOM 10 minutes
odd- 12 KBS + 4 Burpee Box Overs
even- rest (pillar :30)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.