To pick or not to pick, that is the question. An age old question that dates back as long there has been exercise and people following written programs. Choosing when and what workouts to do is a luxury that we all have. Whether or not you are aware; you may tend to skip days that do not look interesting, too easy or forbid, too hard.  What does this do?

Who knows!
Until you have performance based goals, honestly it does not change much but it could be hindering your gains. So next time you choose to skip the gym because of a feeling or a fear, ask yourself, should I really be avoiding these movements.

Workout of the Day
Strength/Skill: Every 1:15 complete the following

1-3 complete 3 power cleans + 1 clean and jerk
4-6 complete 2 power cleans + 1 clean and jerk
7-10 complete 1 power clean + 1 clean and jerk

Starting weight should be comfortable 50-60kg/ 30-40kg
Add weight at rounds 4 and 7
Rounds 9 and 10 add if you want

Score heaviest load

Amrap 10 minutes: crush and dominate
6 dynamic push ups on plate going side to side (#25-15)
8 barbell bent over rows (40kg/ 25kg)
16 Russian twists with plate

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