Wade’s Day

Wade’s Day

Balboans! The time is upon us. Over the past 6 weeks we have been programming with the intention of seeing everyone Battle Neuroblastoma and crush our annual “Wade” workout with your fellow Balboans.

About Wade’s Wings

Wade’s Wings is the organizational vehicle that was created to raise money and awareness to help create treatment options for children with Neuroblastoma.  Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that is extraordinarily deadly.  After enduring the most intense chemotherapy regimen given to any human beings, these infants and toddlers – these children – end up relapsing more often than not.

Once this disease comes back there is no cure.

The treatment options currently available to these children – once they do relapse – is often much too toxic for their bodies to handle after what they had to endure during upfront (induction) therapy.  As a result they spend more time trying to simply recover from these therapies so they can receive even more treatment than they spend actually LIVING life.

Wade’s wings aim to achieve their mission through raising money and funding relevant research and clinical trials with doctors and scientists who have the same beliefs, supporting Neuroblastoma research and support programs.

Although Wade’s Day takes place on the 12th of November, we as a community will be taking part a day early. This coming Saturday beginning at 9am. This event is open to anyone who would like to participate. Assuming that we will have a large group we plan on running the event in heats with a little surprise twist thrown in to ensure everyone has a good time. (the addition of more exercise)

Our goal is to be done by 10:30 with Coffee and Breakfast type foods to follow (not just Donuts) to help with the socialization process.

Warm Ups will begin promptly at 9am with first sets of heats beginning at 9:20. Gym will be open at 8:30 if you would like to come earlier. In addition there is a sign up list on the white board as you walk into the gym. We are looking to get a headcount so as to run the morning as smoothly as possible. Cheers! and look forward to seeing everyone rock their Wade’s Day shirt.

If you were not able to donate yet and claim your shirt, do not fret, the Balboa family always encourages you to dress up in your favorite Super Hero garb. And again if you would still like to donate please follow the link WADE’S ARMY

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