5 Weeks Out! Best Self Forward..

5 Weeks Out! Best Self Forward..

So…you’ve been tracking for a little over a week; paying attention to what you are eating, as well as how much.  You’ve been either using My Fitness Pal (MFP) or a visual measuring method.  Hopefully you have begun to reduce the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet as well, (I.e less dairy and alcohol, and avoiding cereal grains and Pseudograins).


Excellent. You are solidly into the necessary self-assessment phase.  You are starting to get some good raw data to work with, and you may have begun to feel better as well.  If your goal was to “eat healthier”, you may have already accomplished that.  If so, please continue and enjoy the benefits!


If your goal is to look better, feel better,perform better, continue to breathe read on…


The reason we asked you to start tracking your intake was so that we could have an idea of exactly what you were doing to produce the result you are getting.  Now, with some hard data to look at, we can start get an idea of what to do next.


Perhaps you have been chronically undereating (VERY common), and will need to wrap your mind around eating some more?  Maybe tweaking the amounts of different foods (macronutrients) will be the kind of change that will a huge difference for you?   Or, maybe it is time to get serious and really clean up your eating?  It will all depend on YOUR goals for this challenge.  Our entire purpose rests in the name…your “Best Self Forward Challenge”.


To help you along, we are going to measure a few metrics that have been proven to help people be healthier: tracking food, sleep, water, exercise (gym attendance), weight, measurements, social media engagement and progress towards a specific, written goal of your own choosing.  One male and female winner will be choosen from the participants at the end of the 7 weeks, based on your tracking and reporting of those metrics.  Note, we didn’t say who loses (or gains) the most weight, achieves their goal, or comes to the gym the most…rather the winners will be determined using a combination of those metrics listed above.


So start thinking about EXACTLY what your goal is for the next 7 weeks; it must be quantifiable  and therefore objectively measurable on a weekly basis.  i.e. lose 1 inch around my waist, lose 8 pounds, gain 5 pounds, have 80% adherence to my specific diet goals, complete 5 unbroken strict pullups, hit 100k on my bench press, etc.  YOUR goal, and how you plan to measure it progress towards it on a weekly basis.


More information to follow Wednesday

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