Best Self Forward (Precursor)

Best Self Forward (Precursor)

If you missed out on Saturday’s Lecture here are the cliff notes.

The goal for the next two weeks is to establish an understanding of where you are currently with regard to “What you are eating” and “How Much you are eating.” This means what you are currently doing, not something different. In doing this self accounting or self assessing period we can get a pretty solid view as to what you are currently doing and how that is either helping you reach your health/fitness goals or hurting them.

Think about this in the same way we would look at Investing. If we do not know what our current financial standing, it will then be pretty hard to figure out where and how one would like to invest. One step further if you do not have a purpose or a longer view for investing their will be little follow through.

With this in mind we are asking people to begin tracking their consumption of food using one of the following methods. As well as to take a deep look as to What you want to accomplish and why over the next 6 weeks! 


  • My Fitness Pal- this is an application on your phone that allows you to input food that has been weighed and measured using a food scale. All you have to do is weigh your food before packing or eating and put those numbers in your MFP. For those tough prepackaged days there is even a BarCode Scanner. So simple. You will Put everything you consume in this and you will NOT need to keep account for your exercise just your food
  • Hand Size- This variation is not as accurate as weighing and measuring using a scale but will allow us to get a decent visual as to your current intake. Get a Notebook and write this out daily and also what time you are eating
    • Protein- Open Palm is a serving
    • Carbs- Fist is a serving
    • Nuts/ Avocado Raw- Open palm flat
    • Fats (Oils, Nut butters) – Thumb size

Although the goal is not to dial in your full nutrition, here is an outline for the food you should be consuming.
Eat → The following is an outline and obviously there are more items than listed below. 

  • Protein→ Meat, Fish, Fowl, Games, Organ Meats, Eggs
  • Carbs (Veggies)→ Cruciferous veggies, roots, bulbs, and leaves of all colors of the rainbow.
  • Carbs (“Dense”) → Potatoes (sweet, purple, white, red, etc), Squash (all varieties), Rice, Oats, Fruits (Berries, Bananas, Apples, etc)
  • Fats→ Avocado, Coconut, Olive Oil, Butter, Ghee, Tallow,
  • Carb/Fat Combo→ Nuts, Seeds (Almonds, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, Sunflower)


  • Dairy (greek yogurt, fermented preferably)
  • Alcohol


  • Cereal Grains (Wheat, Rye, Barley, 
  • Legumes (sorry this is beans) 
  • Vegetable Oils



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