Do You Like Tacos!

Do You Like Tacos!

Balboans so much coming ahead in the very abrupt Future, so please start checking in on the website for updates

First off, we hope to see everyone at this year’s End of the Holiday’s/ Bring on the New Year Party. We have some new volunteers this year hosting, so here is a public thank you to Shane, Stacia and Baby Audrey for opening their home to their extended Balboan family.

Time: Saturday 6pm- about 10pm

What: Food, fun and White Elephant Gift Exchange.

  • Where: Address is on whiteboard in the gym, Facebook group @CrossFit Balboans, or check your emails
  • Theme: Gather your best plaid attire.
  • Food– We have got a Taco Guy delivering us some of the tastiest of meats for building your own     Tacos are Taco like dishes.
  • Drinks: We will be providing Beverages both Adult and non-adult, but if you have favorites you know what to do
  • What to bring? Yourself and some….
    • White Elephant Gift of $20 value if you would like to participate
    • We are providing tacos but we are asking that people bring a favorite side dish to share
      • There is a loose sign up sheet in the white board so that you do not bring duplicates


Looking forward to seeing everyone there. If you are on Facebook please RSVP via our Event Link and or please request to join our group CrossFit Balboans

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