Look Better Naked

Look Better Naked

Our Goal at Balboa is to help improve your lives with movement and community at the base.

What’s unfortunate for us is we only get to reach out to you for about an hour a day; of which is typically filled with sweat, laughter and bouts of discomfort. That leaves twenty three whopping hours for you to undo all of your hard work in the gym.

Enter our “Best Self Forward” or let us get real for a moment, “Look Better Naked” program.

This is an opportunity for all of us here at Balboa whether new or seasoned to effectively challenge ourselves to place an emphasis on personal nutrition, sleep, hydration and purposeful movement. This will not be a weight-loss challenge but rather we will present a  simple, realistic approach to making better-informed decisions.

This Saturday at 10:30 Post morning workouts we will go over all things needed to make some amazing changes that will benefit you, your sig o’s and even those who have yet to have the honor of meeting. Hope to see a bunch of you there because Ben will be missing his Elk’s Initiation to be giving this awesome talk

We will Be covering the following to help set you up to start our “Best Self Forward” Challenge with a full head start.

  • What to eat
  • How to implement effective change
  • Goal Setting and its Importance
  • Understanding the Balboa Way
  • Improving your daily performance
  • Get Abs?
  • Drink Coffee


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