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Given Our 6 Week Challenge I think it is important to take a reflective look at yourself and your goals.  In the words of my old man, “Thou Shall Not Fake Thyself Out”

In the words of another smart guy Logan from Deuce Gym I Present you one of his recent blog posts.

Our scale is broken. No, not that thing you stand on that tells you your bodyweight. Those are actually quite accurate. They are, however, generally an awful marker for fitness progress, but that a whole other article all together.

What I’m referring to is the general scale we use to evaluate ourselves. It’s off. We’re disillusioned. When it comes to health and fitness, we don’t know which way is up and which way is down. In fact, we can barely tell a job well done when we see one when it comes to both training and nutritional efforts.

How, then, are we expected to make quality progress if we’re getting bad information?

I once had a conversation with a nutritionist on the BIRTHFIT team, who had a remarkable stat in her practice. In all the years at her practice, she’s used the same intake form for new clients. The form, amongst other things, includes a few questions about habits and health concerns. One question reads, “On a scale from 1-10, one being awful and ten being perfect, please rate your nutritional habits.” She’s received the precisely the same answer to this question. Every. Time. No exceptions.

Scribbled under the question, hundreds of times over she’s read, “8”.

After noticing that the trend wasn’t breaking, she considered removing the question all together. After all, it wasn’t giving her any accurate information considering the array of dietary SNAFUs that come to her office looking for “a little help.” Opting to leave it in, she described to me the importance of this question despite its redundant answers. The teaching moment here is that we all think we’re doing “pretty good.” We’re lying to ourselves. The scale with which we evaluate ourselves is, like I said, broken.

Look around. We’re not all eights by any stretch of the imagination. When asked to evaluate ourselves, though, we honestly believe that we’re doing a fairly good job. There in lies the problem. When you fix the scale, you get better information. When that information tells you that you’re actually a “4,” you actually might consider taking action.

Fix your scale.

Logan Gelbrich    @functionalcoach

This is exactly why we are asking people involved in the challenge to maintain a food log/journal of everything they are eating. This does not mean weighing and measure but simply, I ate this or I ate that.
Get after it. One week down

Workout of the Day

e3MOM x 5
10 Sumo Deadlift (60-70kg/35-50kg)
1:00 Pillar (shooters choice, Side Pillar)

With a Partner Complete AMRAP 18 minutes
50 Wallballs (20/14#)
40 Calorie Row
30 DB Power Cleans (50/35#)
20 C2B Pull-ups

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If this doesn’t get you motivated, I am not sure what will.

We may not all be the Matt Fraser or one of the ‘Dottirs but we sure do know what it feels like to find that dark place, embrace it and drive through to the other side. The Sport of Fitness or the CrossFit Games has definitely evolved but has never once drifted away from the one primal idea behind competition. Are you willing to go where other’s may not.

Workout of the Day
Take 3-4 Sets to Warm Up (8:00)

Every 2:30 minutes x 5
Back Squat x5 @ 80% of 5rm
(look back to January 26 for your most recent 5rm)

4 rounds
*10/10 Single Arm Arm DB Press From Lunge Position x  (Right and Left) [choose something challenging] Prowler
10 Ring Rows
40 Sit Ups
*Even Rounds Press with Right leg forward, Odd Left Leg forward. Knee is on the ground

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In a world where distractions are everywhere it is ever more important to embrace some of them and then repost them to your blogs. Even if this Pie Chart is a bit off, this is a good reflection of how we decide to prioritize our time. What are you doing with those some 37 hours of the week?

Knowing most of you fairly well, I imagine that 37 number to pretty high however Can you take 5-7 of them and apply them to your health and well being? We do only get one body after all

Workout of the Day
Posted to SugarWod

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Its a Mad House. Saturday I think was a success, pretty great to see some 30+ people join us on their Saturday morning

Workout of the Day
Bar Complex
Every :90x 10
1 HPC + Power Clean + 2 Front Squat+ Split Jerk
(Build over the course, add every other set)

5 rounds
:30 on :30 off
(Alternate between exercises)
Score total number of burpees and KTE separate

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So what had happened was?! What a Game last night. Since we do not live in either Atlanta or New England it is time to move forward.

Day 1 of the Back to Jacked Challenge commences now! For those of you who missed the meat and potatoes on Saturday dont fret. Here is a simple approach to the challenge.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks our objective is to begin to create habits that should sustain us for a time to come. With that in mind clear mind makes tidy work.

Eat this:
Protein: Meat, fish, fowl, game, eggs*, pork, etc
Carbs: Roots, tubers, bulbs (sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, squash, etc)
Veggies: All of them
Fats: Coconut (Oil, flesh, water), olives, olive oil, avocado, animal based fats, nuts

Avoid: Wheat, grains, psuedo grains, nut oils, veggie oils.

This week is simply about eliminating foods while trying to eat only the foods on the Eat this list.

Workout of the Day

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Ladies and Gentleman we are just a little over 24 hours away from our Nutrition and Success Lecture, Saturday 9:00am. Hope to see lots of you there. We will be led by Elliott, below is a little bio of the man.
The Lecture will entail what and why to eat certain foods over others, and how to utilize this approach to figure out a long term approach to lifestyle change.

Elliott Schackne, Pn1

Elliott is a seasoned strength and health coach, Precision Nutritionist, and has spent over a decade working in multiple areas of fitness. He has helped clients of all levels – professional and youth athletes, CEO’s and executives, and everyone in between – break through to new levels of health and performance.

Exercise, nutrition, and integrative health are the pillars of his approach to guiding clients to their goals. He has studied under world-class coaches and worked across the globe helping people to improve athletic performance, regain health, and simply look better naked.

As a former athlete, Elliott was a state-ranked junior tennis player in Florida, a Division 1 tennis and football player at the University of Connecticut, and a medal-winning competitive Crossfitter.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT-  Body Scan Truck will be coming Monday from 4-7, or until 8 if we need.

Sign Up via their website directly from here. DEXA Scan -Spots are limited so sign up

Workout of the Day

Complete 10 Rounds between 2 people:
10 Back Squats (60-65% of 5rm)
15 Pull Ups
30 Double Unders
*Choose partner with similar squat ability
400m KB Farmer Carry **
120 MB Toss Sit Ups
**One partner carries two KB, switch when necessary


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If you want it, you have to decide to go and take it.

One of my favorite things about lifting weights…is the understanding that all it takes is work, consistency and perseverance. It has evolved into a sport that is for the common man even though there are uncommon men competing. If you put the work in, you will get results. No matter where you start, at least you have started. Take pride that each day you walk into the gym, you have made a choice that most do not. You have decided that you want more out of yourself and are willing to endure to achieve it.

Workout of the Day
Roll out PSOAS, TFL, Glutes, etc.

EMOM x 12
Split Jerk x 2 (Build over the course adding every 2 sets, but focus on stability in the catch)

AMRAP 10 minutes
10 Hang Power Snatch (#75-#95/#45-#65)
10 Bar Over Burpees
200m run (x2)

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January is officially over, which means we are onto a new challenge of the month, but first we must declare the winners from January’s challenge.

Im proud of all you who stepped up to the plate in spite of your mind’s best effort to not.

For the men it came down to the last day and almost the 11th hour, with Paul R. holding the top spot at 4:47. It was not until the powerhouse Russell came in last night and blistered through 100 calories in just 3:57. Holy Cow that is some serious power both in the body and the mind.

For the ladies there was also some pretty amazing output, with many of you going above and beyond the 80 required and carving Lanie with 6:07

Congratulations to you both. You can come into the office to claim your shirts.

Now onward and forward- as we inch closer and closer to the Open and embark on our awesome 6 Week Nutrition Challenge. We will be focusing on accumulating some more steady state heart rate volume.

February Challenge Is to accumulate 1000 calories on the bike over the course of the entire month. This can be done simply by riding for an additional 10 minutes pre-class or post or better yet a couple days a week of 20 minutes. Looking forward to seeing everyone build their capacity without the extra stress of a time cap. This is to be done outside of the normally scheduled hour

Workout of the Day

6x :30 work :30 Rest (complete all 5 sets at each station before moving onto the next)
1-Row (meters)
2- Handstand hold x 2 intervals/ Side Pillar x 4 intervals
3- Russian Swing (24kg/16kg)

4 rounds For quality
12 KB Front Rack Lunge  (focus on control and keeping hips and spine neutral)
10 Barbell Bent Over Rows(40kg-50kg/25-35kg)
:20-:30 Ring Hold

**also on SugarWod I posted the January challenge so you can input scores . We are NOT doing it today, have no fear


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Just a couple days away from the start of our BalboaJacked Nutrition Challenge, remember to sign up on the whiteboard so we have a head count.

Also it will be helpful for handouts during this upcoming “Success/Nutrition Lecture” this coming Saturday at 9:00am. Because of the lecture we will have a slight change to the Saturday schedule. There will be ONE class at 8:00am prior to the 9:00am start time of lecture. Thank you and carry on.

On another note: Today is the last day of January. Besides that meaning rent and bills are due tomorrow. There is another debt that many of you still should pay before the end of the day.
Our January challenge of 100/80 Calories on the Assault Bike. Complete it, not because you want to win a shirt, but because it is uncomfortable and let’s face it, we are all a little scared of it.

Workout of the Day
Press 5 x 5 (choose a weight about 85% of most recent 5rm and complete all sets here)

5 DB Hang Power Cleans
7 DB Push Press
9 Db Front Squats
Prowler Push

3 rounds for completion
10 hollow rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
:10 Hollow Hold
:60 casual bike

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One week away from our Nutrition Challenge, who is ready to get dialed in?

There will be a sign up on the whiteboard as you walk into the gym, looking forward to working alongside everyone as we try to take it to the next level. All week we will be posting tips and tricks to get yourself ready.

Tip 1: Start eliminating processed or packaged foods this week. This will help to begin curbing some of those salty or sweet cravings. If you cant say no to that sweet tooth find a replacement. Eat an apple. Drink a protein shake. Snag a spoonful of nut butter.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds not for time
15 Banded Good Mornings
2 Reverse Wall Walks + Push Up + Hold on 2nd wall walk
5 Strict Pull Ups
:30 Sitting in the bottom of squat

Back Squat build to a 5rm
Every 2:00 x 6 Sets to find

Calorie Assault Bike
Ball Slam
Push Up