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So what had happened was?! What a Game last night. Since we do not live in either Atlanta or New England it is time to move forward.

Day 1 of the Back to Jacked Challenge commences now! For those of you who missed the meat and potatoes on Saturday dont fret. Here is a simple approach to the challenge.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks our objective is to begin to create habits that should sustain us for a time to come. With that in mind clear mind makes tidy work.

Eat this:
Protein: Meat, fish, fowl, game, eggs*, pork, etc
Carbs: Roots, tubers, bulbs (sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, squash, etc)
Veggies: All of them
Fats: Coconut (Oil, flesh, water), olives, olive oil, avocado, animal based fats, nuts

Avoid: Wheat, grains, psuedo grains, nut oils, veggie oils.

This week is simply about eliminating foods while trying to eat only the foods on the Eat this list.

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