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If this doesn’t get you motivated, I am not sure what will.

We may not all be the Matt Fraser or one of the ‘Dottirs but we sure do know what it feels like to find that dark place, embrace it and drive through to the other side. The Sport of Fitness or the CrossFit Games has definitely evolved but has never once drifted away from the one primal idea behind competition. Are you willing to go where other’s may not.

Workout of the Day
Take 3-4 Sets to Warm Up (8:00)

Every 2:30 minutes x 5
Back Squat x5 @ 80% of 5rm
(look back to January 26 for your most recent 5rm)

4 rounds
*10/10 Single Arm Arm DB Press From Lunge Position x  (Right and Left) [choose something challenging] Prowler
10 Ring Rows
40 Sit Ups
*Even Rounds Press with Right leg forward, Odd Left Leg forward. Knee is on the ground

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