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Are you being present when your heart rate spikes? Do we as coaches?

You may hear us shouting, “Focus on Breathing” throughout your workouts…its not just because we want to make sure you do not pass out but rather has a deeper meaning to being present and mindful of what you are feeling. If you can control your breathing, you might be able to control your heart rate and thus either decrease or increase your stress levels.

In short, embrace the process, even the uncomfortable parts.

Workout of the Day
Choose a Skill as a class and work on it  via coach instruction for 10-15 minutes

4 rounds – Score total reps
1:30 Row (calories) :30 transition   (
1:30 Bike (Calories) :30 Transition
1:30 Hollow Rocks, Barbell Sit Up, V-Up, Barbell Sit Up
1:30 Rest
Total Reps = Calories and sit ups accumulation

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