Friday Is finally here and almost gone. Sincere apologies for the delayed posts this week, we will back on schedule beginning Monday.

Tomorrow Katrina and Gegi will be taking the competitive stage once again at the Guns and Hoses Comp in Anaheim. The event is in its third year of which we have had dynamic duos in all. If you have time to come support it would be greatly appreciated. The venue itself is pretty cool in the sense that takes place at the Center Street Promenade in Anaheim. Adjacent to the competition floor are coffee shops (the Gypsy Den) and a couple restaurants/ bars that you can almost watch everything from. So what could be better than watching some Balboans compete while drinking a nice frosty beverage. Hope to see everyone there. Oh also there is a rumor that I will be jumping the ring as well.

Heat times are as follows.
Katrina and Gegi: 9:22, 11:50, 3:10
Ben And J.P’s Boyfriend: 9:21, 12:00, 2:53

Workout of the Day
Warm Up:
“500 m row
3 x Cindy

Single Arm DB Thruster (each arm)
:20 Hollow Hold

Then with a partner complete
400m Run (together)
80 Stoh (60%/50% of BW)
400m Run
60 Burpees over Bar
400m Run
60 Back Squats (100%/ 80-90% BW)

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