Class on Sunday will be closed due to scheduling conflicts. Thank you and please get out and enjoy some of that Newport Sunshine

The joy of failure
to the agony of success.

a Day early but how about a little Throwback to this year’s Open where Lanie under the watchful eye of Katrina managed to PR multiple times with her snatch. In addition, The Open saw her try and succeed at her first and 15th pull up and also used weights she had not been willing to attempt prior. Congratulations you rock star.

Keep up the great work, do not be afraid to get outside of what you think you are capable

Apologies for the quality of the bottom photo I was too busy cheering and missing the proud moment.

WOrkout of the Day
4 rounds not for time
100m Single Arm Farmer Carry (50/50m)
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
:10 Hollow Hold
3-5 Strict Pull Ups (add weight if you can, work negative if you do not have pull ups)

5 rounds
10 Single Arm Db Clean (5/5) [Build over the course of the 5 sets)
Max Rep True Push Ups
30 yd Shuttle (5-10-15)
rest as needed
Score total push ups

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