You know who likes to row…that guy.. he does it so much he has shrunken himself down to the size of a 5 year old. It never ceases to amaze me what the kids around the gym will pick up. This little guy has been with hanging around since he was about 2 and really didnt enjoy himself at all. Now, the gym is his playground. He improvises games and movement around all of the apparatus. But beyond the playful nature he has managed to pick up some pretty darn good technique with regard to rowing, throwing slam balls over his shoulder, pull ups and countless other primal movements. To him and to all the kids, its not working out it is just play. So next time you are thinking about how hard the “workout is” remember its just play after all.

Workout of the Day
4 sets not for time
Barbell Lunge x 10 (5/5)
Seated Single Arm DB Press x 8/8
(If possible sit in a V- Position)

3 rounds
400m Run
15 V ups
15 Tuck Ups
15 Ring Rows
30 SuperMan Back Extensions

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