In honor of all the women in the gym and out there in the world making it work, we salute you. Happy Early Mother’s Day. Also we will be CLOSED this Sunday so please celebrate accordingly by making your moms join in on your 100 burpees

This Saturday two of our fearless ladies will be joining other incredible ladies out in yet another Femme Royale Women’s only competition celebration held at Pacesetter CrossFit in Anaheim. Right now Danielle and Lanie are slated in Heat 4 and will go at 8:47 and 11:15 with the third event time tbd.


Our competitions are put on to bring ALL types of women together through competition. 3 divisions, 2 girls // partner style workouts,  1 purpose. 
It isn’t about one girl, but a group of women that share the same powerful vision and passion for life. Femme Royale is a platform for women who desire more. We believe competitions are a healthy outlet for women to learn a lot about themselves. Overcoming what they never thought was possible. An opportunity to adopt new empowering beliefs about themselves. Breakthrough mental limitation, an opportunity to develop a strong work ethic, discipline, and over come challenges. 
We believe our competitions will help women build a stronger self-confidence. Competency for their own life, not only through a physical capacity but in their emotional, mental, spiritual development as well.
Workout of the Day
-if you did Monday and Tuesday right you might find your hips/ butt and hammies on fire. Dont fret today is designed to work those but to also get them ready for both Thursday and Friday.EMOMx 15
minute 1: 200/160m Row
minute 2: 6 Power Cleans (#135+/#85+)
minute 3: 10-15 T2b/KTE

Tabata MB Abs

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