Whats the point of having wings if you are aren’t willing to fly.

Think like a bumblebee, train like a racehorse. It’s a phrase used by world class endurance coach Joe Friel. 

“Bumblebees are relatively huge, furry insects with tiny little wings that fly with incredible speed, accuracy and agility. NASA scientists were infatuated with the bumblebee. How could something that big and furry fly with such little wings? So they studied the bumblebee.

After extensive research, the scientists unanimously came to the same conclusion: bumblebees can’t fly. The physics behind bumblebees simply say they are too large and too heavy. But here is the interesting part: No one told the bumblebee it can’t fly, so it goes right on flying. It flies even though the smartest people on Earth doubt it can

Because the bee has ultimate faith in itself, it is able to do amazing things. You, as an athlete, need to have unyielding belief in yourself. Don’t let your past, your peers, your family or your competitors limit your performance. You, like the bee, can fly if you believe you can.

Racehorses are just like other elite athletes. They know they are athletes, and they know they are different from the other horses. The difference between racehorses and you is racehorses don’t second-guess their training program, their abilities or their coaches

Racehorses go all out when asked to; they don’t save something for tomorrow. You’ll never see a racehorse doing extra laps around the track because it felt like it should be doing more. Racehorses don’t look at other horses’ training programs and freak out because the other horses are doing double days. Racehorses just do exactly what is asked of them—nothing more, nothing less

Racehorses, just like you as an elite athlete, have one purpose in their lives: to get faster and stronger, to be better. Think like a bumblebee, train like a racehorse.” – Athlete_Daily

Workout of the Day

Amrap 10 minutes
200m run
12 Wall Balls
8 ring Rows feet on bench

Then EMOM x 8
odd: 10 RDL + 10 Bent Over Row (#95/#65)*
even: :30 Hand Stand Hold
*Goal is to go slow and controlled on the RDL

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