Its about that time of the year again where we as a Balboan Community venture down a mile and a half to those sweet Pacific Shores of Newport Beach in between 47th-48th to show off all those Winter Squat Gains, as well as do our part to show all them Great Whites who is boss. Brock Lesner showed the way.

If you didnt read between the lines or your Newsletter. This Saturday we are having a BeachWOD and it is EARLY! This Saturday we would like to invite you and all your friends to join us down at the beach at 8:30am at 47th St. You can meet us there or meet us at the gym. If you plan on meeting at the gym be there by 8:10-8:15 so that we can bounce as a group. We WILL be running/jogging/ or biking down or even carpool but parking could always be questionable.

There will be a sign up on the board as you come in so that we can get a head start on organization/ team making!

Workout of the Day
A little Taste of #45…you wanted Cardio
With a partner one person completes part A and the other part B
Alternate between A + B until each partner completes 4 sets of each
-4x 3:00 Work 1:00 Rest-
Part A: Row 500/420m + Amrap Burpees over Erg in remaining time
*Score Burpeees total
Part B: 15 V Ups+ 20 Hollow Rocks +In remaining time max Calories on AB
*Score total Calories

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