Balboans its time to help some of our own. As you many know Clark and Steff tied the knot last Fall and for their honeymoon they did the ultimate adventure by renting a sweet motorhome traveling up and down both of New Zealand’s spectacular islands. The result is the video above.

So here is where you come in. They have entered the video in a contest put on by Wilderness New Zealand in the hopes that the video with the most likes and shares will get a credit towards taking another amazing trip. Its the least we can do for our family and Holiday Party hosts. We will be posting on our FB page as well, of which shares their seem to be the most beneficial. Or the link is posted below or click on video.

-The Wilmoth’s do New Zealand

Workout of the Day
3x NFT
15 Banded Pull Aparts
15 Banded Flies
50m/50m Single Arm Farmer Carry

10 Rounds
10 Bench Press
10 Russian swings
prowler push
*choose your own weights and note them on SugarWod

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