Knowledge is Power. The old mantra rings true in our community because it allows you, the athlete, to become increasingly more invested in your training. Here at CrossFit Balboa, we believe in empowering our athletes through education. Ultimately this will lead to consistency in your training and optimal results.  A successful member is a happy member.

Look Good, Feel Good.  Whether your goal is to get stronger or be jacked and tan, remember that form follows function.  If you show up, put in the work, and adhere to our nutritional guidelines—you’ll be well on your way to stopping traffic with your ever improving physique.

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Life is About Movement.  Have you ever heard someone say “I’m too strong to lift those groceries”.  Absolutely not.  Life and living is that much easier when you increase your level of strength and conditioning. Even if your goal is to come in and get sweaty, you’ll find that the training we offer makes the functional movements of your everyday life seem that much easier. Work Hard, Play Hard.  That’s right.  You have our permission to come in and unplug during what we like to refer to as “adult recess”.  This sport is not only about improving your quality of life but about having fun!  Allow the stresses of your daily life to melt away as you enter the proverbial playground that is CrossFit Balboa.

Class Offerings

CrossFit (General Physical Preparedness)-

High intensity CrossFit style workout without any of the “crazy.” This 45 minute class is designed to get your heart rate up and keep it there.
Offered: Tuesday, Thursday 8:30am, Saturday 9:30