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Happy Friday!


We have more gym peeps competing this weekend at the Battleground SouthBay event in San Pedro.April is National Autism Awareness Month. Proceeds from the event benefit Train 4 Autism Foundation & its crossfit for special needs projects.

One team of four (Gegi Van De Walker, Katrina Parsons, Steve Mann, and Keegan) are competing in the scaled division and Erin Carraway is competing in the Masters division.

While Gegi and Katrina are fresh from their 3rd place finish in the rxd division 2 weekends ago, this will be Steve and Keegan’s first comp and we want as much support as possible. In addition Steve just took an awesome job in Montana so after being a big part of our community he will be leaving us. This is a great time to show your support and send him off with a little cheer. Heck he even flew back just to throw down.

The area around San Pedro is pretty cool so if you want to make a trek and venture around outside the Orange Bubble this is an excellent time.

Heat times have not been released yet, so check on our Facebook group later today and Saturday for updates.

Below are the details and we hope to see some Balboans out there.


Daniels Field Sports Center
845 West 12th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731


$6 Adults
Ages 12 and under are FREE
Registered Athletes are FREE

In teams of two complete the following

125-150m/100-90w Push Ups (strength oriented)
80 t2b
40 Thrusters(#95/#65)
Calorie Row
Power snatch (#95/#65)
3 rounds
30 Back Squats (#135/#95)
30 bar facing burpee

Jog to Stop sign and walk back between rounds
The jog and walk are designed to allow you to both strategize and try to recover a bit while getting your heart rate down. Embrace it and use that time to get ready to crush the next portion

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You know who likes to row…that guy.. he does it so much he has shrunken himself down to the size of a 5 year old. It never ceases to amaze me what the kids around the gym will pick up. This little guy has been with hanging around since he was about 2 and really didnt enjoy himself at all. Now, the gym is his playground. He improvises games and movement around all of the apparatus. But beyond the playful nature he has managed to pick up some pretty darn good technique with regard to rowing, throwing slam balls over his shoulder, pull ups and countless other primal movements. To him and to all the kids, its not working out it is just play. So next time you are thinking about how hard the “workout is” remember its just play after all.

Workout of the Day
4 sets not for time
Barbell Lunge x 10 (5/5)
Seated Single Arm DB Press x 8/8
(If possible sit in a V- Position)

3 rounds
400m Run
15 V ups
15 Tuck Ups
15 Ring Rows
30 SuperMan Back Extensions

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No friend should let their friend squat too high. they may not thank you today but tomorrow or the day after.

Workout of the Day
Active Mobility- Ham/ Adductor Smash

5 rounds for time
12 DB Deadlifts (#40-#50/ #25-#35)
9 DB Hang Power Clean
:20 L-Hang
20yd (Out back Out) Shuttle

WArm Down
3 x 300m/250 row
1:00 Weighted Pillar

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The beauty of a Monday. A fresh start. An Opportunity to improve on the week prior.

Clean and refreshed.

Workout of the Day
Back Squat 5×2 (work up to last week’s weight and try to increase it) all 5 sets same weight

Task Oriented “Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds -Rest 1:00 between rounds
Round 1: 15 reps
Round 2: 20 reps
Round 3: 25 reps

-Wall Ball
-KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
-Push Press
-Calorie Row

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Yoga is out on Thursday’s for now but being awkwardly awesome is in. Come join Bennycakes for some funky movement, mobility and who knows maybe even some sweet skill progressions. Take the hassle out of improving by adding in some fun uncomfortable conversation in a small group setting! You know you want it. Adult beverages welcome. Come join us 6:30 on Thursday’s no experience necessary .

REMINDER : Due to Easter we will be closed this Sunday. Enjoy your loved ones and eat at least one ham and two lamb shanks! Oh and also be thankful 

Workout of the Day
Every :90 x 12
Rounds 1-4
1 Snatch Pull + 3 Hang Power Snatch
Rounds 5-8
1 Snatch Pull + 2 HPS
Rounds 9-12
1 Snatch Pull + Power snatch
*build as you feel comfy

5 rounds for time
10 T-2-B or KTE
15 Ball Slams
200m run