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Single Arm Overhead Stability with a lunge is such an amazing way to both challenge instability but also to point out imbalances. It is super simple but very informative for assessment.

Simple doesnt mean easy, but mastering the basics most often leads to the greatest results.

Workout of the Day
Every :90 x 5
Halting Clean to the knee + Power Clean + Clean

Then spend 10 minutes to find 1rm Power Clean/ Clean

3 minutes
15/10 Calories Assault Bike
10 Deadlifts (70kg/45kg)
Max Rep Pull ups with time left
Rest 3:00
15/10 Calories Assault Bike
10 Deadlifts (85kg/55kg)
Max Rep Pull ups with time left
Rest 3:00
15/10 Calories Assault Bike
10 Deadlifts (100kg/60kg)
Max Rep Pull ups with time left

Score total Pull Ups

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Jumping into Thursday like…

We are just one week away from the first announcement of this year’s CrossFit Open and they have been dropping quite a few hints as to what we can expect. Dumb bells of #50 and #35 galore. Maybe even a rumored Turkish Get Up, so get ready to start practicing with a purpose.

Workout of the Day
5 Sets Rest as Needed
12 Bench Press (70-80% of 5rm) *goal is to be unbroken
12 Renegade Row (No Push Up) 6/6
2 way Prowler
rest 1:00 between rounds

4 rounds NFT
8 Turkish Get Ups
10-15 Evil Wheels

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Are you being present when your heart rate spikes? Do we as coaches?

You may hear us shouting, “Focus on Breathing” throughout your workouts…its not just because we want to make sure you do not pass out but rather has a deeper meaning to being present and mindful of what you are feeling. If you can control your breathing, you might be able to control your heart rate and thus either decrease or increase your stress levels.

In short, embrace the process, even the uncomfortable parts.

Workout of the Day
Choose a Skill as a class and work on it  via coach instruction for 10-15 minutes

4 rounds – Score total reps
1:30 Row (calories) :30 transition   (
1:30 Bike (Calories) :30 Transition
1:30 Hollow Rocks, Barbell Sit Up, V-Up, Barbell Sit Up
1:30 Rest
Total Reps = Calories and sit ups accumulation

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Nothing gets the weekend started like a good old booming Saturday class. Some say Saturday’s are for the boys others might say Saturday’s are for Snatches! Shaka!

Workout of the Day
Spend 7-8 minutesThorocic, Mid Back and Over head mobility work

3 rounds not for time
Burgener Warm Up (5x Snatch Grip – RDL, Shrug, High Pull, Muscle Snatch, Snatch Drop)
Row 1:00 or Bike 1:00

Snatch Balance 8×2 (EMOM)

10 Power Snatch (#75/#45)
30 Double Unders

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Fresh market fruits and vegetables

Sometimes making the right choices can seem impossible. Other times it just seems as if you need just a little information.

It can be pretty challenging to make decisions at the grocery store with regard to packaging and marketing. When it comes to veggies and fruits lose the marketing tactics and utilize the above image for splurging and when not to.

Workout of the Day

E3MOM x 5
Barbell Lunge X 12 (6/6)
5 Tall Box Jumps

Db Thrusters (#50/#35)
3 rounds
200m Run
15 Burpees