We three put a lot of time and effort into both writing programming and executing to the best of our abilities to ensure that everyone from our youngest to our most experienced Balboans reaches whatever goals that they may have.

With this in mind it is important to understand there is Purpose to each and every day. It may not always seem like things are moving linear, of which they sometimes are and are not, but there is always a thought of progression. Whether it is slowly loading volume or weight, introducing new movements, our over arching goal is to illicit stress, which in turn hopes to result in physiological and aesthetic change.

To carry forward, here is a little peak from behind the curtain. They may not fall on the Day 1 (Monday) etc..

Day 1: Full body with emphasis on lower body and hip development, conditioning to add further accessory to the hips
Day 2: Full Body with emphasis on upper body pushing, Conditioning to add further upper body stress
Day 3: Trunk Stability and breath work or longer cardio focused conditioning
Day 4: Pull, either Dynamic (Clean or Snatch) or slow (Deadlift) with 10 minute conditioning to challenge midline
Day 5: “Find Yourself Friday” This is a day that you should try to get very uncomfortable. Challenge your mindset and get funky. This should be hard

Weekend: Free Style

One step further: We try to program so that you could come 5 days a week but that is not to say every person should be doing that .

Heavy Days: Strength DevelopmentThink days we do 100 plus squats including both conditioning and strength – Think this past Monday
Medium Days: Strength Development but moderate volume. Conditioning is doable but not exhausting
Light/Recovery Days: Designed to get you moving, break through fatigue and get back ready to hit it hard again the next day.

Workout of the Day
3 Rounds:
Burgener Warm Up (Snatch Grip)
3 each x RDL, From Mid thigh- Up and shrug, High Pull, Muscle Snatch, Hang Power Snatch, Snatch Balance
Agility Ladder + Plyo Hops over Parallettes into 200m run

3x  for completion
:90 Bike or Row
Waiter’s Walk 50 yds (KB Front Rack + Overhead)
20 Banded Pull aparts + Banded Flies

5 Rounds
Prowler Push
10 Pull Ups
10 Evil Wheels

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