18.2 So Hot Right Now

18.2 So Hot Right Now

I hope you like it HOT!

“A sprint” Rory says. Yea, kinda.

18.2 With a 12 Minutes Time Cap, complete the following.
Dumbell Squats 50/35
Bar Facing Burpees
18.2 A – In the time remaining find a 1-rep max clean.
Again, both 18.2 and 18.2a must be completed in 12 minutes.

Pre Pre Workout

Similar to last week, NO extreme changes to your diet. Eat at your usual times. Make sure you are hydrated as all get out well before the workout. Also similar to last week, I think being close to fasted or an empty stomach prior to the workout is a good idea. Sample timetable below.
4 Hours prior to workout – Final FULL meal. Low in fat.
30-60 Minutes prior – Easy carbs and protein. NO Fat. (Squeeze Packs, Dextrose, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, etc.)

Early morning athletes.
Be SURE to eat all your carbs, protein, and fat with your meal at dinner. If you have some easy carbs to sip on early, do it.

Pre Workout

Open up EVERYTHING. You are going to be huffing and puffin for this one!

Chili Hot 3 Rounds
1:30 On the Bike – 12 Wall Balls

By Body Part
Gut – Smash your ENTIRE gut. 3 Minutes. Remember to breathe into the ball.
Ankles – Banded Ankle Stretch – Click Here (with or without a buddy)
Hips – Banded Hip Extension. Throw a back heel touch into the mix of this one – Click Here
Triceps – Banded Tricep Stretch. Fast forward to minute 5:00 if you want to skip the nerdy stuff. Click Here

By Movement (From Nick Gill @ Best In Stretch)
Clean: Roll out your lats and thoracic spine. Using a peanut place on the thoracic spine while taking shoulders and arms through passive range of motion. Super Bonus! Mimic a power clean motion. Super Mega Bonus! Use a PVC pipe and go through the motion. Do this while lying on the ground and use gravity and body weight for all that pressure application.

Squats: Very simple and often forgotten the Tibialis Anterior, front outside part of the shin, controls dorsiflexion, toes moving towards the shin, squatting 🙂 see what we did there. Place a lax ball on the tibialis anterior and perform some ankle circles and take the ankle through as much motion as you can. This will open up the entire anterior chain eliminating hip flexor pain or impingement. This will also allow the ankle to move freely as you get over the bar in burpees.

3 Rounds- >: 30 of Dead Bugs > Banded Side Steps 15L/15R > Walk Outs to chaturanga to up dog to step up L/R.

THEN Start cleaning. Warm up to 80%-85% of your 1RM. That should be around your opening weight for 18.2A. I’m confident that with all of the 80% work we do, you can hit that number. Even when you are gassed.


Attack this one like last week. Find that 80-85% spot and sit there. Never stop moving! You can afford to push your pace this week more so than last year. Know that the work really won’t start until about the 6-rep or 7-rep round.

Don’t forget!

The new burpee rules. Both feet must kick back and return forward at the same time. No stepping.

Have fun! Don’t rip your hands!

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