18.3 Adios Calves!

18.3 Adios Calves!

800 Double Unders!

Thanks, Castro, I didn’t want my calves and feet anyways.

14 Minute Time Cap on this bad boy, but your mission, should you choose to accept it:

100 Double Unders – 20 Overhead Squats 115/80
100 Double Unders – 12 Ring Muscle Ups
100 Double Unders – 20 Single Arm Snatch 50/35
100 Double Unders – 12 Bar Muscle Ups

Pre Pre Workout

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. NO extreme changes to your diet. Eat when you usually eat. Be sure your hydration is on point. 14 minutes will expose some dehydration similar to 18.1. Have an empty stomach for this one, but set yourself up for throughout the day. Sample timetable below.
4 Hours prior to workout – Final FULL meal. Low in fat.
30-60 Minutes prior – Easy carbs and protein. NO Fat. (Squeeze Packs, Dextrose, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, etc.)

Early morning athletes.
Be SURE to eat all your carbs, protein, and fat with your meal at dinner. If you have some easy carbs to sip on early, do it.

Pre Workout

This one is technical to quite technical. Let’s get warm.

Chili Hot 3 Rounds
1:00 Casual Jump Rope – 10 Russian Kettle Bell Swings – 5 Goblet Squats with a 3-second pause at the bottom – 5 Ring Rows – 10 Kipping Swings.


By Body Part
Gut – Smash your ENTIRE gut. 3 Minutes. Remember to breathe into the ball.
Feet – Loosen up your feet. Roll em out with a lacrosse ball. Put pressure into the hot spots. Wiggle your toes while you are rolling out (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART)
Calves & Lower Leg – THIS will change your life. Click Here. Next, I’m a fan of keeping it simple, “Walk the dog.”
Hips –  Repeat of last week – Banded Hip Extension. Throw a back heel touch into the mix of this one – Click Here
Shoulders – Grab a band and let’s get those shoulders ready to do some work. Click Here
Triceps – Repeat of last week – Banded Tricep Stretch. Fast forward to minute 5:00 if you want to skip the nerdy stuff. Click Here

By Movement (For the snatch and the ohs all of this applies from last week)
Overhead Squat & Snatch: Roll out your lats and thoracic spine. Using a peanut place on the thoracic spine while taking shoulders and arms through passive range of motion. Super Bonus! Mimic a snatch motion. Super Mega Bonus! Use a PVC pipe and go through the motion. Do this while lying on the ground and use gravity and body weight for all that pressure application.

Then: Very simple and often forgotten the Tibialis Anterior, front outside part of the shin, controls dorsiflexion, toes moving towards the shin, squatting 🙂 see what we did there. Place a lax ball on the tibialis anterior and perform some ankle circles and take the ankle through as much motion as you can. This will open up the entire anterior chain eliminating hip flexor pain or impingement. This will also allow the ankle to move freely as you get over the bar in burpees. The video above will show an even nastier version of this. Add in getting in and out of pigeon stretch on each side 10 times (5L/5R).

Bar & Ring Muscle Ups: Grab a lacrosse ball and dig into your pec. Once you have found a hot spot or a spot that hurts, start moving your arms around as if you are making a snow angel. Keep moving the ball around your chest and the front of your shoulder and do the same thing.  Take the lacrosse ball and dig on your tricepsFlexlx and extend your arm. Finally, hit your lats with the roller. Up, down side to side. While rolling, rotate your entire arm as if you were turning a doorknob.


3 Rounds- > 1:00  Row (casual) > Banded Side Steps 15L/15R > 15 Banded Pull Aparts.
THEN Start Overhead squatting and single arm snatching. Work up the working weight in no more than 3-4 sets.
Run through some muscle up progression
Ring Row > Transition > Dip/Press
Today is as good a day as any to get #1.


Pace-setting is key in these 14 minutes. The weights are light enough to get you to really push it. BE CAREFUL! That’s exactly what they want you to do. Do not come out swinging, and fry your shoulder in the first 4 minutes. Err on the side of not failing. Scale your pace and reps early. Have a plan how you are breaking up your double unders, and implement sooner than later. The LAST place you want to find yourself is redlining trying to “push” through the pain in this one. Too much/many technical pieces here.

Focus on moving well and this workout will pay you back in the end.

Don’t forget!


Huge potential to rip your hands. Be smart, break it up early.

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