18.4 “Well now your back’s gonna hurt.”

18.4 “Well now your back’s gonna hurt.”

You knew it was coming.

Diane with a little insult to injury.

Another “quick” one, but this one has an even shorter time cap.

Diane 21-15-9
Deadlift 225/155 and Handstand Push Ups
Deadlifts 315/205

Pre Pre Workout

Nothing like getting upside down to make you think twice about what you had for lunch, no major changes! Are you seeing the trend? Don’t try something new on testing day.
4 Hours prior to workout – Final FULL meal. Low in fat.
30-60 Minutes prior – Easy carbs and protein. NO Fat. (Squeeze Packs, Dextrose, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, etc.)

Early morning athletes.
Be SURE to eat all your carbs, protein, and fat with your meal at dinner. If you have some easy carbs to sip on early, do it.

Pre Workout

This one is technical and HEAVY!

Chili Hot 3 Rounds
1:00 Casual Row – 10 Russian Kettle Bell Swings – 5 Hand Stand Kick Ups – 5 Ring Rows.


By Body Part
Gut – Smash your ENTIRE gut. 3 Minutes. Remember to breathe into the ball.
HamString – Lying Leg Swings x 20 on each leg.
Hips – Scorpions: lying face down and your arms ‘T’ on the ground pick your left leg up and try and touch your right hand opening your left hip and rotating. Same thing on the right leg. X10 on each leg.
Glutes – I am a fan of the pigeon stretch. Be active, up, down, side-to-side.
Wrists – Smash the Forearms with a barbell, be sure to flex and extend while you are rolling it out.
Shoulders – Grab a band and let’s get those shoulders ready to do some work. Click Here



3 Rounds- > 1:00  Row (casual+) > Hip Bridges X10 > Single Leg Hip Bridge X5 each leg > 2-3 Strict Pull-Ups.
THEN start deadlifting. Build up to your weight in 3-5 easy sets. Inbetween your warm-up sets, add in 6 Bird Dogs for glute activation and core stability.
Now, its time to get inverted. Set up your handstand push-up spot and solidify your hand position. HACK #1 mark on the ground where your hands go each time so you don’t miss.
HACK #2 You can have 2 barbells for the workout both loaded for your weight for the workout. You can also have someone help you load your single bar.


9 Minutes, guys. 9. Set your bars up close to the wall. Make your transitions smooth and quick.

Deadlifts – They are going to feel HEAVY. Just be ready. This workout is taking your midline stabilization then asking you to balance upside down. Inefficient deadlifts are GOING TO KILL YOU, not just on your deadlifts, but HSPU and your handstand walks.

HSPU & Handstand Walks – You are going to be tired from deadlifts, your stability is going to be off, so, being smart about your reps will be CRUCIAL. DO NOT go to failure, once you do, it is going to be very difficult to maintain any sort of pace. Get off the wall with 2-3 reps still in the tank. For the walks, same rules apply, utilize the markers and know you only have to get your hands across the line. Once you are across you can take a break.

Go Fast.

Don’t forget!

This workout is going to really put you in the hurt locker. Have your post-workout plan and start recovering the moment the workout is finished. Only one more workout, finish strong.

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