18.5 The Final 7 Minutes

18.5 The Final 7 Minutes

It’s not that short.

But the guide is.

7 Minute AMRAP
3 Thrusters – 3 Chest-2-Bar Pull Ups
6 Thrusters – 6 C2B
9 thrusters – 9 C2B Etc until the 7 minutes is up.

Pre Pre Workout

Empty bellies for this one FOR SURE! As Always, hydrate make sure you are fueled up early. Extra carbs are a good idea. Don’t try something new on testing day.
4 Hours prior to workout – Final FULL meal. Low in fat.
30-60 Minutes prior – Easy carbs and protein. NO Fat. (Squeeze Packs, Dextrose, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, etc.)

Early morning athletes.
Be SURE to eat all your carbs, protein, and fat with your meal at dinner. If you have some easy carbs to sip on early, do it. Make sure to snag those pancakes after. The open is done for you first thing!

Pre Workout

Stick to the basics…

Chili Hot… Complete 2x the following
1:00 Casual Row – 10 Wall Balls 8 Kipping Swings 6 Russian KB Swings
1:00 Casual Bike – 10 Wall Balls 8 Ring Rows 6 Burpees


Let’s keep it simple, folks… Hips and Shoulders.
Hips – This one might seem VERY familiar. Click Here
Shoulders – Grab a band and let’s get those shoulders ready to do some work. Click Here

Activation Buddy Style!

Grab a friend… We are going to go 2 rounds of clam shells and Nordic curls.
Clam Shells – Lying on your side with you knees bent, hips extended and heels behind you, have a friend place both hands on your topside knee and resist you driving your knee to the sky and opening your hip. a set of 8 should be plenty.

Nordic Curls – From a kneeling position, and your toes tucked (ankle dorsiflexed) have your partner put both hands on your ankle to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Let your torso fall and control yourself using only your hamstrings. It should be very difficult, almost to the point of cramping. Your goal is to control yourself as much as possible and never break at the hip or your back to more

Then 15 banded pull aparts. 15 banded flys. And work through your normal pull up progressions. No secret sauce here just get those shoulders ready to work!

CORE – Let’s rock some Deadbugs. Be sure your lower back is pinned to the floor and you are tucking your tailbone.


What pace, coach, it’s only 7 minutes… 80% guys. Eighty. Percent. For the first few minutes. I want you to save some juice for the final few minutes. This workout will bite you and bite hard, just like 18.4, if you come out swinging. Find your happy place and go dark in the final few minutes.

There is no time to break. Your margin of error here needs to be minimal as well. Be sharp on all of your reps. If you do get no-repped, simply continue on, there is NO time to even let it phase you.

Get your bar as close to the pull-up structure as you can.


Don’t forget!

That’s it. Once its over, the open will be complete. Finish strong. Go fast. Have fun. This one is going to hurt, be ready to go dark!

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