Did you even notice?

Did you even notice?

It has been two weeks since Daylight Savings, how do you feel? Do you notice the hour you lost? I don’t.

I love daylight savings, as archaic as it may seem, it does two things for me.

The first, it is a sign from summer that warm weather is on the way. I can’t tell if sunsets begin to get better or I get to enjoy them now that they are later. Either way, it makes me appreciate them that much more.

On the opposite side, when we “fall back,” it’s the close of summer and time for winter to come in and reset everything. More darkness, more recovery, and time to replenish what summer scorched away.

The second thing, the one EVERYONE misses; it FORCES you to create a new habit. Except for everyone in Alaska and Arizona, bummer.

Think about it, almost everyone in the country is forced to wake up an hour earlier. Get to work an hour earlier. Leave work an hour earlier. Get to the gym an hour earlier. And most importantly, get to bed an hour earlier.

Do you even notice it anymore?

Was the first week hard? Of course it was. You probably felt a little groggy. Your body was a little sluggish at times, but that’s normal. Your body is adapting to change, it’s a very a good thing.

It has been 17 days and you are well on your way to reaping the benefits of an extra hour in the evenings, enjoying some extra daylight, and not even thinking twice about going to bed an hour earlier in order to create that opportunity.

Daylight savings is our bi-yearly reminder that you can always implement a new habit. That if you want something, like an extra hour at night to run around with your dogs and fiance on the beach (like me), you can make it happen. Too often we say things like, “I’m so busy.” Acknowledge what you just did, you started going to bed an hour earlier, so you could wake up earlier, get your $h1t done and have some extra time under the sun.

I think it is awesome, despite it being forced. Congratulations on your new habit.

What habit is next? This one only took 17 days…

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