The Open in Review.. Thus Far

The Open in Review.. Thus Far

In just two days, CrossFit will unveil the last workout of the 2018 Open Season. The release of the last workout marks the beginning of the end to thousands of people’s hopes at making the Super Regionals and the ultimate prize the CrossFit Games. Early next week this small percentage of individuals who dreamt of reaching the next phase of qualifications will begin to evaluate their preparation, performance and set their sights on new goals.

Although most of us Balboans have little to no urge to every compete in any fitness related competition it does not mean we cannot reflect on the last five weeks. The Open for us as a staff provides an opportunity to challenge our methodology under the random five workout microscope and evaluate how well we have prepared people to move and more importantly how we can we continue the momentum that has been built.

The spotlight of completing all the Open workouts with given standards provides an opportunity to attempt movements that many of you may have thought you could not attain or felt that you were not prepared. We have seen people cross bridges to a place they can only move forward from. There have been firsts, seconds and so forth.

We witnessed people get and link their first toes-to-bar and Pull Ups. Get their first muscle ups.

We celebrated people hit Personal Best Cleans after completing a whole bunch of burpees. Heck we even saw people use weights they never would use on their own.

Most importantly, We have seen people push themselves and encourage those around them to dig a little deeper. All while sharing in the nervy excitement of not knowing what the Castro was going to reveal to us Thursday evenings. We could all share in the anxiety of not knowing what tomorrow would bring and how we would be challenged.

We are busy planning our Spring program and are excited to see all those gains on the horizon.

We can travel far together and don’t worry you all will be crushing muscle ups and hand stands in no time.

Now what will 18.5 be? Here is to hoping one round of 100 calf raises, 100 bb curl, and tons of banded tricep extensions.

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