Are you a good training partner?

Are you a good training partner?

I borrowed this from one of my original training partners, Nate “The Clinic” Austin! which he posted to the Power Athlete™ blog . Please enjoy I will unload on tomorrow’s blog


I’ve kept my requirements to a simple three. I feel these three parameters encompass the many avenues that create a successful training environment. These can be applied to any type of training: CrossFit, Sports Prep, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting etc… Active practice of these tenants will help not only your progress, but the progress of those around you as well.

Do what you say, say what you do  -Anonymous

Being accountable for your actions is not only applicable to best business practices, it also applies to everyday conduct. Saying what you are going to do and following through with definable action is a virtue that many lack, and even fewer practice. More often than not, I am guilty of dropping the ball with follow through, though it is often on my mind and a daily work in progress.

How does this apply to being a good training partner? Be on time. Set a time to train and show up. If you are not going to show up, let your crew know so they aren’t just sitting around googling movie quotes and conspiring against you. Not only is this common courtesy, it’s common sense to just not be “that guy/gal.” Set a time, and be on time.

“Information is not knowledge” –Albert Einstein

In today’s social environment we are constantly bombarded with information. Wisdom helps to filter the bullshit into what is important and what is not. What’s important is retained as knowledge. Keep in mind, that though I did attend College for eight years, I am not a Doctor. I do however have a great respect for the search of knowledge and the grind it takes to sift through information. At Power Athlete, we constantly seek out new ideas and apply them. We are constantly retaining knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work.

Heghlu’DI’ mobbe’lu’chugh QaQpu’ Hegh wanI’ Death is an experience best shared
– Old Klingon Proverb

Training with a group is a great experience. You suffer together. You fail together. You grow together. Treat it as such.

Don’t create black sheep, understand your crews differences and uplift their strengths. This doesn’t mean to coddle, it simply means to always have the intention of building up. At Power Athlete HQ, we have been training together for a few years. n00bs may think that we hate each other by the words that are vocalized throughout a session. We might. But there is much more at play here than simply pointing out my many flaws, being horrified by hoof feet, or commenting on Lukes lack of chewing. We are thickening our minds. We are reminding each other to leave the ego at the door and train. Strength through ridicule.

If you can grind out a heavy top set while being reminded by a 320lb man that you are 28 still living at home, you can pretty much channel out most bullshit and focus on the task at hand. Iron sharpens Iron.
Understand your crew. Understand their work schedules and their family situations. Help when you can. Most importantly, keep training. No one likes to return to the gym after a hiatus, forced by life, to find that everyone slacked off. Keep training. Show solidarity by staying accountable to the practices that brought you together in the first place. Continue on so when they return, they are returning to an environment they left and not some sad post apocalyptic version of Golden Girls.

Programs can differ. Diets can differ. But the goal should always be the same, progress. Progress in whatever that person places their focus. As a crew you are there to support that focus, to encourage that focus, and to help keep that person on the track they chose.

Communication is key in maintaining these training crew virtues. Don’t be weird.

What did Nate miss? What would you Add ?
Stay Tuned for follow up