Can I do more? – written by a member

Can I do more? – written by a member

Every so often we get an opportunity to learn a little something about ourselves. Today
was one of those times for me. As I left the gym I happened to make a comment to Ben
about not being able to do a push-up. His response was something along the lines of,
what do you mean? You were just doing them. I responded that I didn’t fully do them
and felt that I couldn’t do them. He disagreed. And so we went back to the floor so Ben
could prove that yes, I can do push ups. And what happened? I proceeded to do one all
the way to the bar. Huh. What just happened here? And why didn’t I do that earlier?
What does this mean about my attitude towards my work outs and my abilities?

It means that I’ve been limiting myself by telling myself that there are things I can’t do.
And the funny thing about this is that earlier I had just gone and gotten fifteen pound
weights because I wanted to see if I could press them. I did, it wasn’t easy, but I told
myself that if I want to move up from ten pound weights I need to work in heavier
weights here and there. How weird is it that I encouraged myself to lift a heavier weight
while also telling myself that I can’t do push ups. And what does this teach me?

I think that it shows me that I’ve been holding myself back; I’ve been letting limiting
attitudes get in the way of my progress. I’ve lived so long with not being able to do
certain things that I haven’t let go of that attitude enough to be able to see what I can

Yet if doing Cross Fit has taught me anything, it’s that with time, persistence and
practice anyone can make progress, not just the athletes among us, but any one of us.
Today I witnessed a young woman successfully do a toes to bar for the first time. The
expression on her face was pure joy. She said that she’s worked hard and long to be
able to do that. It was a joy on my part to celebrate that accomplishment with her.

When we doubt ourselves and say, oh, I can’t do that, we are in my opinion diminishing
the returns that doing Cross Fit brings us. We are in essence robbing ourselves of the
joy and sense of accomplishment that that young woman experienced today. On a
personal level this means I have to ask myself what’s the point of coming week after
week if I’m going to limit myself? If I don’t let go of these limiting thoughts and challenge
myself to do better, why am I bothering to come?

I’ve decided the way to let go of the limiting beliefs I have discovered in myself is to pay
attention to how I respond to the challenges put before me each time I come to the gym.
That’s how I’m going to see an honest reflection of my attitudes and beliefs about my
abilities, so I can let go of the ones that hold me back.


  • John Davies
    Posted at 17:28h, 06 April

    Cristi you rock! JD

  • Casey Stewart
    Posted at 17:33h, 06 April

    Very much appreciated reading this article. Certainly a lesson in life, not just at the Gym. – Casey

  • Nate
    Posted at 21:18h, 10 April

    Very inspiring and completely motivating.