First Friday’s

First Friday’s

FREE Classes All Day Long!

On the first Friday of every month, every class at CrossFit Balboa is open to the Community!

Friday’s are fun.
We have opened up the First Friday of every month as a Free Community Class.
Invite your friends, family, co-workers, yoga buddy, pilates pal, a spin acquaintance, your barista, ya know – anyone.

The Workouts

Our workouts on Friday will be partner or team oriented. We want to engage with the class and have some fun putting you guys through the ringer. The movements will never be too complicated, but the intensity will definitely be there. Come in ready to rock and roll. Bringing a friend? Try and get to the gym a few minutes early so we can introduce ourselves.

Community Support

We are looking to bring in some extra community support, other local companies or local businesses that would be interested in helping us spread the word, and in turn, share what they have with our community. We will be digging into a few we have in mind, but we want to make sure we bring in people, businesses, brands you are interested in. Shoot us your recommendations when you have em.

Let’s pack the house! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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